About StrongerHead

I used to dislike my life. I blame it on fate. Life has been quite a drama for me. Nothing comes smooth for me throughout my life. From school to relationship. From army to career. I always thought my ‘Guardian Angel’ (if there is one) has a wicked sense of humour. It took many hardships and tribulations to learn that one important lesson my ‘Guardian Angel’ is trying to teach me. I must say, the angel taught me well. But I hope you need not go through what I went through to learn that important lesson.

The many UPs and DOWNs made me understand the importance of having an ‘extra’ mindset. I termed it the StrongerHead mentality. It means when you strongly desire for something, double your desire that that something. When you do something, you’ve got to give it not 100%, but put your 110% and get it done. When you are in face of challenges, you need to be not just strong, but stronger. Whatever you do, the Strongerhead mindset can help you better overcome your obstacles. This mentality has helped me turn many ‘no’ to ‘yes’, many ‘impossible’ to ‘possible’. I wish the ‘StrongerHead’ mantra can help you improve your success rate too.

Here’s StrongerHead in a nutshell:
• Dare to dream.
• Dare to stand up against the odds.
• Be tenacious enough to achieve your dreams.