67th season looking good

it’s the start of a new season. first game had started, with 11 more matches to go. And I go play for a win-win game. Hope we are all on the same page.

Today’s experience was a pleasant one. students seem more mature. Try to be back on time during break. Didn’t talk during lecture. Seem to be paying attention as i speak. Laughters were heard, which i see it as a good sign. what starts well ends well.  Let’s wait and see if the saying is real.

Before i pen off, let me provide some pointers to identifying selling idea.

For MacDonald, the slogan is “I’m loving it”. Does that mean the selling idea is “i’m loving it”? The slogan does not always equate to the selling idea. but it does give u an indication of the selling idea. MacDonald is selling the idea that the experience and changes at Mac is so good, the customers will enjoy it.

For KFC, finger licking good was the slogan. The selling idea is not asking customers to lick their fingers. it is saying the fried chicken taste so good, u can’t have enough of it.