Ad211 July 2011 – Oct 2011 Class photo

It has been great fun taking on this batch of Ad211 July 2011 – Oct 2011 folks.

You guys are walking examples of how learning can be fun and fruitful at the same time. I see a lot of talents young aspiring marketers and advertising professionals of tomorrow from this batch. The ads that you have done, the rationale and strategic intent behind your projects shows the kind of potential that you guys possessed.

I am sure if you can keep the momentum going, you guys will do well.

Every session has been an enjoyable one. And i definitely look forward to seeing all of them again for more advertising classes in the near future.

Here are our class photos that we have taken on our last lesson. Thanks for the happy memories and see you all again.

A tribute to our Ad211 folks:

–          Ariel Chia, one of our most sincere and sweet girl with lots of creative juice waiting to explode.

–          Crystal Maybelline , ever smiley and friendly making working with others easy

–          Josiah, the brains many great thinking

–          ME, Jason Tan Strongerhead, the lucky lecturer who got to be part of this Ad211 class

–          Steven Oky, tough rooster who walks the talk without being loud

–          Jonathan Koh, playful and smart who can definitely survive any ordeal on the street

–          Gabriela Giovanni, hardworking girl who delivers

–          Theresia Kristoforus, with inner strength capable of making things happen

–          Ying Xuan,  with a smile that can brighten your day

–          Isabella Chan, multi talented girl who can make very cute funny faces

–          Goh Nai Ying, can speak fast and clear

–          Sharon Leong, with all the goodies to keep her team going