Ad211 Mar 2011 batch from Curtin Singapore

A tribute to my very hot, beautiful, handsome and creative Ad211 March 2011 batch. You guys provided me with a good start to my 2011 classes with Curtin Singapore. I had a lot of fun and often looked forward to attending classes with u all. Hope to see everyone of you again for other classes. And of coz, stay in touch.

Special Thanks for:

– The Duo of the class: Dexter Ang  & Irvan (very creative, very naughty, always take photo during class, likes to break the rules, smart boy, hungry and full of potential).

– Most playful gang behind the scene with wacky ideas that never fail to amuse me: Fessie Chee , Jullian Lim, Jordan Loh and Liao Jingyi

– 3 musketeers from united nations (our peace keeper): Joanna Kuan (S’pore), Shin Dongchul (Korea), Tjia Wing Tsun (Indonesia).

– Unsank heroes, quiet and got ‘intel’ inside team: Ernest Cheng (hope you get into Advertising industry successfully), Chong Hua Qian, Yeow Yijun

– Judy Cheong (best writer of the year award should goes to her)

– Very smart lady with alot of potential, Stephanie Howe (have fun at Perth)

– and to our humble Elvi