Ad211 Nov 2011 – Jan 2012

We have come to the end of our Ad211 Class in Jan 2012. Quite a big group for an Advertising class. I certainly hope to see most of you again for other advertising lessons or for the enrichment sessions.

Something to remember about Ad211 Nov 2011 – Jan 2012 Students.

– Not one but two students (Cheng Sum Yee & Charmaine Chia) score full marks for MCQ. First time ever in over four years for this subject.

– Student (Glen Liu) proactively shares case studies weeks after weeks on Advertising best practices and key challenges.

– Students (Jia Er, Sui Hua, Jing Ying, Nahirah, Rachel, Rebecca Licacristi)  demonstrated passion to learn and grow by turning up for enrichments sessions (how to plan for your career, how to prepare for your resume, how to prepare for interview sessions) voluntarily. This is the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t. The Right Attitude!!! Continue and i shall see you at the top.

– Prepare to go the extra mile to network and learn from industry expert when the opportunity arises like Glen and Michelle Tay Sze Bin.

– Many unpolished gems who can’t wait to shine like those names mentioned above in the working society like Joey Yin, Tiara Chen, Wei Lun, Nic, Shawn, Jo, Wen Xuan.

All the best to your exams and hope you have benefited from the last lesson. Remember the learning strategies on how to prepare for your exam.

Here’s one last piece of advice that should benefit you not only for your exam, but for those who wish to be in the advertising field. Practice how to reverse engineer to analyse advertisement.

From now till your exam, for academic purposes, practice by finding random print ads and analyse the following (do this for one to twice a day, and analyse the following within 10 mins per ad):

– Objectives (base on Facet Model) for the advert

– Who could be their target audience for the product or service. And describe their profile in terms of demographic and psychographic)

– What could be their Positioning Strategy for the brand

– what could be their Execution framework for the advert

Here’s what i would like you to do as soon as you walk into the exam hall. Pen down these, and use it as your guide to analyse your adverts. Pick those relevant ones and support your answers using visual and copy cues from the adverts.

Facet Model: Perception; Emotion; Cognition; Persuasion; Association; Behaviour

(usually, any advert could cover all of the 6 factors. Sometimes, behaviour might not be relevant when call to action is not one of the core focus for the ad)

Positioning: Product class; Product attribute; Product benefit; Usage occasions; Users; Against competitors; Away from competition (it could be more than one for academic, but not recommended in the real world)

Execution framework: Straight forward; Demonstration; Comparison; Problem solution / avoidance; Humour; Slice of life; Spokeperson; Teasers; Shockvertising (could be more than one framework used)

Best wishes to:

Tan Wei Lun, Glen Liu, Nic Tan, Michelle Tay, Tiara Chen Hui Yun, Jason Tan Strongerhead, Gellien Octavia, Sharon Moniaga, Vineeta, Wong Yee Wen, Cheng Sum Yee, Rachel Kalaivani, Shawn Ong, Nahirah, Ashley Chuung, Cheryl Huang, Vanessa Yap, Noel Heng, Yin Yi Zheng Joey, Jo Chieng Shu Xin, Hoo Sui Hua, Chong Jia Er, Ng Wen Xuan