Advertising Campaign Development Class at Curtin with Jason Tan Strongerhead Jun 2013

Another long overdue post. But I forgotten to bring my camera on the last day of this class. Thankfully, I took several other photos of them during the course of this module. The good thing about having to see my students from first year to their final year modules is witnessing how they have grown, putting all the relevant advertising and marketing concepts into application in this Ad391 final year Advertising module. Advertising Campaign Development (Ad391) module is all about being practical and keeping it real. Students get a taste of how working on a real campaign is like. Thus, in Jun 2013, in view of Singapore fertility issue, our students were tasked to develop a marketing campaign to encourage Singaporeans to start dating.

I’m glad we had some good ideas, and alot of fun throughout this semester. I thought one of the best insights came from Stacey and Sylvia’s team, who came up with the idea of ‘sabotaging’ single friends into dating.

Stacey team for Jason Strongerhead Advertising Class

I even got sabo for their presentation. Here’s the video of how the sabotage went:

Bella and Chatharin’s team came up with a nice theme on ‘two is better than one’, which turns out to be a very campaign-able theme across various mediums.

Bella team for Jason Strongerhead Advertising Class

Lucas, Chris, Iggy, Juwita and Ye Yoon’s team came up with the idea of Dating SWAT team, where they can help remove obstacles to help you date more successfully. 360 approached demonstrated in their campaign ideas.

Lucas team for Jason Strongerhead Advertising Class

In short, i proudly presents the graduating class of Advertising Campaign Developing Jun 2013:
Yan Zhen Stacey
Alice Tamara
Yi Gang
Nicholas Anand
Ye Yoon
Yu Lin Vanessa
Wenjie Lucas
Yann Yuan