Advertising Principles (Ad211) June 2013 class with Jason Tan Strongerhead at Curtin University Singapore

The first day of school was greeted by a class of 20 for the Advertising Principles class (foundation of Advertising module). When asked why they chose to study Advertising, some said they are keen to join the Advertising industry, while others, do not actually have a clue on what to study, but felt that Advertising might be a more fun subject to embark into. There were also those who did it in order to complete their degree program as their elective was not available during that semester, and they do not wish to delay their graduation. This probably explained the varying levels of enthusiasm displayed during classes as we went through the bolts and nuts of Advertising.

In any case, 4 June 2013 (Tuesday), regardless of the reasons for studying Advertising, they had completed the semester and all its assessment components for the module (including their exams too by now). That day would be the last time I am seeing most of them as a lecturer, as many would have graduated or move on to other modules. Only a small handful of them would be seeing me again as we progress on into more advance Advertising modules in the coming semester. For those of you whom I will not be seeing again for classes, and those graduating students, here’s my final parting note to you guys:

“You are the same today as you will be many years from now except for two things… the people you meet and the books you read.”

Whatever you are, be a good one folks.

Strongerhead cheers to:

Heryadhie Maria Yosephin
Surya Dimitri
Tanumidjaja Livia Veronica
Wallenschua Hans Christian
Kainama Arielle Adeena
Virak Sopheaktra
Muhammad Irham Bin Abdul Rahim
Mulia Keren Ophelia
Gunawan Lisa Angelina
Dommeti Chandra Sushant
Lee Wan Wee
Boo Yuan Ping
Suryadi Hady Dinata
Belavina Olga
Liana Vony
Santoso Troy Wirahadi
Ho Michelle
Leon Zheyoung
Kwan Li Feng

Jason Strongerhead and Kwan Lifeng

Jason Strongerhead Ad211 Curtin Class

Jason Strongerhead Advertising class

Jason Strongerhead Advertising class exercise

Jason Strongerhead Advertising class exercise