Advertising Strategy Class at Curtin with Jason Tan Strongerhead Jun 2013

A series of long overdue post. I am feeling the ‘power’ of procrastination. Now needing to play catch up with all my posts that should have been up in June 2013.

This was a relatively small class of 7. Gone were those days were we have numerous students who major in Advertising. This is one important concept that could benefit both career builders and businesses. I hope we can better promote ‘Advertising’ and get more people to pay attention to this topic in S’pore.

In any case, though the class size was small, we have quality students taking on this module that makes this module memorable. They will be mentioned a couple of times more in my other posts. the ‘trinity’ of my Advertising class who stick through thick and thin together making studying a breeze and eventful. They are Li Ying, Nur and Regan.

We have our cutie pie Hoa from Vietnam and Ivy Choon (Media Master of my class), who never failed to have each other’s back covered.

Lastly, Irena, whom i would theme her as a traveler who gets to go places regularly and see the world. And Antonio from Indonesia (our Prince of Advertising) who is relatively quiet and reserved during class, but if you know him well, you will discover his sense of talent. and probably also the wilder side of him. Will share his wild photos in another posts where i only got to see it towards the last day of his Curtin classes.

Here’s our class photo taken on the last day of Ad310 class.

Jason Tan Strongerhead Advertising Strategy Class Photo 2

Jason Tan Strongerhead Advertising Strategy Class Photo