Introducing the best University

Introducing the School of Life whose origin dated since the start of civilisation. In my opinion, the world’s leading academic institutions worldwide with real life working environment. Full range of facilities that can offer you a discerning leaning experience. Great strategic location, situated within walking distance towards your career goals. Attractive internship programs for hands […]

Class photo with Ad340 July 2011 – Oct 2011

I like this class. You have made all my lessons with Curtin a fun and memorable one. No FRIDAY BLUES feeling when i get to Curtin for lessons. For most of you, this will probably be the last time i am seeing you. It is kinda sad as i do not get to work with you […]

Ad211 July 2011 – Oct 2011 Class photo

It has been great fun taking on this batch of Ad211 July 2011 – Oct 2011 folks. You guys are walking examples of how learning can be fun and fruitful at the same time. I see a lot of talents young aspiring marketers and advertising professionals of tomorrow from this batch. The ads that you have done, […]

Last lesson Ad391 July 2011 – Oct 2011

I had learned a great deal from you all. Your responses, be it positive or negative, had given me a lot of insights to ways where I can better my lectures. I am happy that some of you have been really patience with me throughout the lectures, and glad that some of you have kept […]

How to pass your exam session

The secret to success lies on 2Ms (the first being the MIND: Psychology; the second being the METHOD). To succeed in anything you wish to pursue, you need to first BELIEF (mind) that it success is within your reach. And you need to know what ACTIONS (method) to take in order to take you to victory. […]

Something to remember about Steve Jobs

It is one of our greatest lost living in a world without Steve Jobs. I do not know him on a personal level, but he has inspired me in several ways. And his brainchild (Apple) and his legacy have been widely used as one of my case examples in schools and at work for its […]

The art of blaming yourself to victory

Is it wise to take blames? Obviously NOT would be your first answer that comes to your mind. At least, that is what I have observed and learned from the people around us. Taking blames means admitting that “It is my fault”. No one wants to take that responsibility and bear the consequences. You can […]

Positioning your career

Some of you might have been exposed to the term POSITIONING. You might have heard of it on some marketing textbook or books, or during a marketing class back in school. It is a concept used for promoting a product, or building a brand. I would like to apply this concept to your own personal […]

What can i do with my degree

You have completed your degree and you are wondering what can the degree for you. Here is a preconception about what a degree can do for you: TO GET YOU A JOB. Now this is a myth. An urban legend. A paradox. Whatever you wish to call it, you know a degree does NOT guarantee […]

Girls like bad guys. Bosses like bad workers too.

My colleagues are lousy. They don’t work hard (All their powerpoint presentation are done by me). They have no brains (All their strategy and plans are drafted by me). In short, they are NOTHING without you. BUT, my boss loves these people. Why HUH? In school, you are the most decent guy. When it comes […]

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