Tips for success: Losers’ common mistakes

In this information rich world today, everyone get access to limitless information and knowledge at the tip of their fingers easily. This makes everyone very savvy and more equipped with knowledge and information today. A good feeling to feel that you know a lot of things isn’t it? With such exposure, many of us are […]

Thanks Cheryl for your nice testimonial

Here’s a really nice testimonial. It’s one thing to get such nice words from students but it means even more when lessons in life are appreciated above the lessons on advertising. This is what motivated me to share and teach and go the extra mile to help the keen and hungry career seekers to build […]

secrets to career develpment

I’ve been really held up by travelling, poor health and other work load. Thanks for everyone support and patience. Today, I am going to share one of my secrets to career development. Read on as I unveil my secret. There is a saying, if you wish to become a lion, you must first behave like […]

How to sell yourself as fresh grads: Resume writing tips

Your door to your career entry will largely depend on your resume. An impressive resume will definitely be of great assistance to you during your job seek journey. Before you embark on this task, you must first understand that job search requires as much effort and planning as any other campaign or business building efforts […]

Salary increase: My boss is not paying what I am worth. How?

As mention in my earlier posting (Salary increase: Commanding for higher pay raise), your salary is a reflection of the value you create for your employer. Thus, to increase your salary, you have to increase the value you create for your employers / companies. However, some might say: “I had created TONS of VALUE for […]

Salary Increase: Commanding for higher pay raise

“I am not making enough. I need to make more.” “How do I increase my salary?” Whenever I hear such comments, I often asked how much increment they are looking at. The answer is often “AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE”. I’m sure your boss would be puzzled by that answer. If fact, he might even be […]

Thank you for your humbling testimonial

I would like to extend a BIG & Sincere Thank You to one of my graduates, Ms Eunice Nicole, for recently posting an unsolicited Testimonial regarding her career advice session with Strongerhead. Ms Eunice, your thoughtful comments are truely appreciated. Thank you again. I would like to share her job seeking experience as a living example of how […]

Fresh graduate dilemma: What should I do after I graduate?

“I’m graduating in 3 months. What should I do?” Here’s what you should do if you are graduating soon. 1)      Ask yourself do you like what you’ve been studying The logical thing to do is to pursue a career in accordance your area of expertise (in your case, very likely it is what you have […]

DSM 67 ended with a beautiful finale

It has been a wonderful experience having DSM 67th intake. Made some new friends and we had some good fun during the course of the entire 12 sessions together. I very much wanted to take a lot more photos with every one of you guys. But the timing was just too tight. And I didn’t […]

Can i make it?

Do you believe you can be the next Director? Do you believe you can be the most valued employee of your organisation? Do you believe you can make $100k a month? Very often, the answer is NO. If I say YOU CAN MAKE IT, you’ll not believe me. You will say, come on LAH.  I […]

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