Sexual visual stimuli affect attitudes in 4 ways

When researchers examined the impact of sexual visual stimuli, they found these types of stimuli affected attitudes in four ways. Consumers tend to form inferences about the advertised brand based on the information presented in the visual part of the ad. If the visual element is evaluated positively, consumers tend to develop positive attitudes toward […]

DSM 64 final lesson

It was another great closing ceremony. Everyone of the final lesson ends with a heavy heart. Not surprisingly, this one feels the same way too. i missed DSM64 already. Best class ever. Erm, i am going to say the same ting to DSM 65 🙂 And had said the same thing to DSM 63. But […]

website revamp

Today has been a fruitful day for me. I had met up with my partner to discuss how are we going to revamp this website, making it more interactive, and user friendly. And hopefully, it will serve my readers better. The look and feel generally stays, but several billbaords be removed. You guys will have […]

interview tips

i believe many have encountered similar challenges during interviews. They asked you questions that you do not know how to respond. And ended up walking out of the interview room like you’ve been wet by a bucket of cold water. I often have the same problems too. The trick is this. Which is something i […]

Lecturer’s evaluations

after one unsatisfactory rating for one of the intake sometime last year, i guess it has really spur me up quite abit to better myself. And i certainly hope the recent batch of intake have felt a different me. More enthu, more ideas for class participation. Hope that can induce a better learning environment to […]

DSM 64 intake project

finally, done with the markings for DSM 64 group project. Left with tutorials and participation. But i must say, the quality level of the group projects for IMC is getting better. I am proud of all my students. Cheers and keep up the good work. Your good reports will be a role model to the […]

I am real skeptical when i watch 3D shows. Coz very often, i get terrible headache during the show. But the 3D world cup experience organised by SingTel and Resort World was quite an amazing experience. I did not experience any headache during the match. So i guess the type of 3D specs makes a different. […]


i have to confess. i fall in love with my classes. yes. all classes. although i din have a good time at work (thank god it’s history now), but i have had a lot of fun and good time with my classes. i really hope it is a calling for me to take on more […]

Fear and Greed Battle

this market pull back got me to have sleepless night. Last night, i was tired. but i wanted to hear the news and read for signals and get a general sentiments of what the market is doing now. it is a tough call. It is these kinda situation that makes you wonder if u can […]

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