Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 10 Mar 2014

Market shot up higher after it has pull back, ‘thanks’ to the Russian news on war. In any case, the pull back is a buying opportunity as it caused VIX to be overbought favouring the bulls, at least for the short term. For the week of 10 Mar, let’s take a look its outlook based […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 3 Mar 2014

Last week I was both wrong and right. It went down, and came back up. If you had not been greedy, you could have profited from both sides. This coming week, let’s take a look at the strengths of bulls and bears for some insights. Feb 2014 closed bullishly, rewarded all those who had trusted […]

Over 60 students celebrated the final marketing communications lesson at Kaplan with Jason tan Strongerhead

This is by far the biggest class I had at Kaplan since 2013. Can be challenging especially when the mic is not working properly. I lost my voice a couple of times for this class. Nevertheless, if everyone had appreciated the concepts and how marketing communications works like magic in marketing, it is worth it. […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Valentine’s date with FTDipMComm16 class 14 Feb 2014 (Fri)

Why am I not surprise to see only 4 students out of 20 students at 12pm for class. I can obviously sense the love they have for school. Well, for me too but I shall not take it too personal thus let’s just say their love for school. However, by 1pm, I have a better […]

Account Planning Class photo 28 Jan 2014 at Curtin with Jason Tan Strongerhead

Account Planning falls under a discipline within the advertising where strategies are born. This module forces one to think or at the very least enable one to understand the process of strategy development. I suppose I now have a class of thinkers by the end of this module. Cheers to thinkers and leaders of our […]

Advertising Principles class photo at Curtin 25 Jan 2014 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

18 students from around the globe registered for the Nov 2013 – Jan 2014 Advertising Principles class (Ad211 Module – Advertising foundation) at Curtin. Happy to see that double digital student number interested in Advertising, a topic which I have always rated it highly as one of the MUST HAVE skills. The class ended on […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 24 Feb 2014

Just as we had discussed, the market last week was indeed flat but volatile (ranges up and down but going nowhere). Buy on down day, sell on up day works. Will it continue to work? Let’s take a look at the charts for clues. Monthly chart (which helps project the longer term perspective of the […]

Marketing Communications class with Jason Tan Strongerhead at MIS for Part time DSMM 8th on 17 Jan 2014

Small class of 9 and I remembered clearly on our very first lesson, 28 Oct 2013 (Monday), their class participation and general attitude towards the module kind of clipped my wings. But as we progressed into the subsequence classes, I guess the warm up helps heaps. They are very enterprising, very entrepreneurial. I shared numerous […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 18 Feb 2014

As discussed last week, bulls had the bears nailed. Every pull backs were buying opportunities. Hope you too had taken advantage. However, if you are in the market, guess the burning question might be will last week’s bullish performance repeat itself again this week? Monthly chart (which helps project the longer term perspective of the […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 10 Feb 2014

I’ve been out of action for a while. Have plenty of excuses why I had skip my market homework since 6 Jan. IT issue, workload issue, Chinese New Year preparation, and most of all, lack of discipline and determination. I am still suffering from my neck injury but I guess it is time to pick […]

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