Birthday Thank You Note: Thanks for being my inspiration

Thank you so much Ad310 March 2011 batch. I felt really really touched that Monday night having received your lovely birthday card and wishes. This little thought means alot to me. I’m truely appreciative and thankful for this gesture. I must put this down in writing to commemorate this moment.

A big Thank You to Ad 310 who includes:

Hueiwen (best employee of her company)

Deason (Very creative thinker)

Shree (Sweetest smile lady)

Gladys (Fast learner)

Shewon (Demure)

Denise (most advanced IT gig)

Renee (Most puncture student)

Gina (Sincere)

Judy (best writer)

Kelly (hard worker)

Cheryl (Inspiring young entrepreneur)

YongQi (Most interesting presenter of Ad340)

Xiao Tian(A Genius)

Minami (talented artist. Special thanks for your cute and artistic drawings)

Not forgetting everyone who has wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook. I never had so many wishes for my b-day.

To my Facebook friends who have made my day count.

Evern Khoo (Hot chili)

Seriya Lee (Hope you get your mini soon)

Hazey (who made Publicis Sexy)

Chrix Yong (very good suit)

Samantha Ng (who made it through Econs)

Tam Xu Shuihui (stylish lady)

Eunice Nicole Lim (hope you get well soon)

Renee Yip (Very good student)

Serene Chong (Keen learner)

Jordan Loh (Smartie)

Isman Tanuri (Social media guru)

Marc Tan

Wang Angela Jane

Eunice Ann (best mother and Wife and Student award from Perth)

Mich Elle (My dance team mate for Flash Mob)

Gary Chow (Bo Pho specialist)

Eric Ang (Mr nice guy)

Angie Choa

Babynicolette lana

Jia Wen (Make Up specialist)

Ignatius (WA warriors)

Rachel SiewFah Ho (Fav ex MIS buddy)

Cindy Bear Bear

Brad Poh (SH Big Bro)

Noelle Tan (My beloved SISTER)

Edmund Choe (all time fav ECD)

Alex Lim Thye Aun (Talented CD)

Lele Mohamed  (Fav MIS buddy)

Jana Khan (Ms questions)

Soohan Han (Smart Suit)

Wayne Tay (Good student)

Michael Lung(Keen learner)

Stefan Chan (Ah Chan, my AMK Hero)

Christopher Yang (Doctor)

Iris Ding Tan

Karen Pang (Humble)

Peh Huishan

Juan Lin (Little Jo Jo, fav student)

Calvin Tan (best boss)

Jesslyn Yifang (Best designer ever)

Sara Yeoh (Potential high flyer)

Christine Tay (Mani Pedi angel)

Cynthia Pavee (Best KL suit)

Anuja Weeranarayana

Fiona Tan (Meow Meow)

Dexter Ang Xing Quai (Good student)

Yvonne Tan

Jeffrey Quak (Funniest Lecturer)

Gladys Zhang

Roy Goh(best art mentor and lady killer)

Jermine Lim

Auntie Thuong (best Auntie ever)

Joanne Ng (Always cute)

Sam E Man (best buddy ever)

Janet Lim (Author of Rich Girl Poor Girl)

Joelle Tan

Cherry Nhung(ms petit)

Angelica Tan(Hot girl girl of DSM)

Mashi Tim Rim

Jerry Yeo

Tan Hui Li (My Snow White)

Davina Loh

Sal Lim

Timme Ang (Best Advertising Pal)

Rachel Chua

Tan Wei Quan Chris (Heavy Weight Lifter)

Mr Chong Kok Jong (My ex MIS mentor)

Cecilia Tay (Best PA)

Angie Ong (Blading expert)

Nur SazLina (Fav MIS Buddy)

Ivn Law


Yukine June Lee

Oun Hui Ping

Winnie Yueng (Hottest ms HK)

Jessica Soh

Gideon Chew (Very smart guy)

Ajak Kumar (Very bad man)

Linda Yek


Derrick Lau (IT guru)

Anna Lim

Elvin Monica

Hui Ping

Sam Xi Min (who made ASUS sizzling hot)

Eleen Tan

Yvonne Liew (employee of the Year )

Cheers to you all. Without you guys, i wouldn’t have become who i am today.

Thanks for being my inspiration.