Beautiful note from DSM graduate

I receive this beautiful note from a DSM graduate last night which really made my day. it is forthis reason that got me to better my sharing sessions, in hope to impact more lives.

“Jason is able to make Integrated Marketing Communication come to life! Having been thru the entire IMC course with him, it made me fall in love totally with this subject. I think this is genuinely the power of a good lecturer! Apart from teaching, following and ensuring the most is made out of the course regimen, what’s more is the life lessons he shares generously with us. This enables us to see things from a more realitic platform; knowing how the world really works outside! I see him beyond a lecturer, but a good nurturer that is out to love and care for his students. This is his passion 🙂 And  I wasn’t exaggerating, just wanted to let you know how students really feel.. and in times of despair, you can look at those words and know how many lives have been impacted. You definitely deserve it! Keep shining for your passion! :)”


I would also like to thank all those who have send me your thoughts and the nice testi. I am eternally grateful to you all. Big thank you for all the encouragement. Do stay in touch always. Don’t be a stranger hor. And all the best to your new ventures.