books on how to get into advertising

i remember back in my younger days when i was still searching for the light to the right career path.

i graduated from Aaccountancy, but was curious to explore other options available such as Advertising (the industry which i ventured into), as i was worried that Accountancy might not be right for me. I really wanted to go into an industry where i will love it so much, i will not feel like i am working ever again.

At that time, I had no idea what Advertising is all about apart from knowing that Advertising is a part of the marketing 4Ps under Promotion.  I have no mentors, no reference person i can call or reply upon for help.

During that time, i was serving my nation for 2 years and 6 months period. I used this time to read as much as i could to find out what i think i need to know about avdertising in hope to get me a head start. Every weekend, when i booked out from my camp, i would head to Kino and search for books that might gives me some insights into what Advertising is all about.

I had very little money from serving the nation. But you be surprised how many books i got using this little salary that i have saved from NS. And they all came in really useful and guided me well throughout my advertising career. But of coz, there are some books which i would not have bought it if i had knew more about Advertising and about what i am looking for.

I had actually place some of the recommended books on my library section ( I had only uploaded those book titles that i find useful, i have bought them myself, and have benefited from it in the mist of building my career.

There are quite a number of books to go through that might give you a good insight into what Advertising is all about, and what you need to know about the industry. Thus, for those newbies out there, i woudl definitely recommend for you to start your knowledge library for Advertising with this book called: How to get into advertising.

This is one book which provided me with information on:

–  What are the various roles and positions that i might be able to apply for in a typical advertising agency?

– What would be the salary range that i should be asking for?

– What are the various departments and disciplines that i have to pay attention to at a typical ad agency?

– How is the career development and prospect look like at a typical ad agency?

Here’s the link if you wish to gather more details to the book.

Hope this helps. cheers. Feel free to drop me a note if you have any queries.