Girls like bad guys. Bosses like bad workers too.

My colleagues are lousy.

They don’t work hard (All their powerpoint presentation are done by me).

They have no brains (All their strategy and plans are drafted by me).

In short, they are NOTHING without you.

BUT, my boss loves these people. Why HUH?

In school, you are the most decent guy. When it comes to studies, you have no problem getting good grades. However, when it comes to finding yourself a girlfriend, that playful nasty guy who is completely opposite of you, always get ahead of you to any girl you wish to go out with.

At work, the same is happening again. You value add so much at work. Your company practically cannot function without you. Yet, you are not valued by your bosses. Often it is those “bag guys” who are being highly valued by your bosses.

What is wrong with the world?

Maybe you should ask yourself, if there is something wrong with you. Perhaps, you are looking at the wrong end of the telescope.

I am sure you have been a good decent guy who works hard and are capable of adding alot of value to your companies. And girls would have been lucky to have you too. But there’s one more thing you need to learn. KNOWING WHAT MATTERS.

You must be able to differentiate between the FACT and REALITY.

In school, the fact is that you are a decent guy whom the girls would be lucky to have you as you will not cheat on them, and probably be a good boyfriend who can take care of them.

However, the reality is that they are not looking for these attributes of yours. They are into cool looking guys, and being rebellious is attention grabbing and cool. It feels honourable to be able to become one of these cool guys’ girlfriends or to be seen with them.

At work, the fact is that you work very hard. First one to get into the office, and last one out. You are the one behind all the strategies development. You are the one who drafted out all the plans. You are always the one who gets all the plans executed. And you are good at your craft when it comes to execution. You are fast. You can be considered as being efficient and effective.

However, the reality is that your bosses might not know about all the work you have put in. Your bosses are all very busy people. They have got 1001 things to oversee. They do not have the time to look at the time sheet or get into the office everyday to monitor who is coming into office early and who is knocking off late every day. Your bosses are also into the bigger picture of things and into results. Those “bad” colleagues of yours must have known what matters to your bosses and knows exactly how to positioning themselves in ways that will impress your bosses than you.

Working smart means knowing what matters.