Career Advise from aspiring young entrepreneur, Chris from Tag Digital during Strongerhead Career outfield Trip with Curtin Ad391 students

Strongerhead Career session with Chris TagDigital

We’ve the honour to visit Chris, the founder of Tag Digital (a marketing communications solutions agency) at his office on 15 May 2013, near Sommerset 313. Chris’s decision to walk the path less taken has made him an over achiever in everything that he ventured into, and he is only 24 this year (disgustingly young and lucky bastard driving a BMW already – PS: dun take him as a bastard literally. It is just a joke).

With just an advance diploma in Sales & Marketing at MIS (he’s one of my students actually), he was able to make his mark at Star Cruise within a stint of 1 year. But he gave up his career advancement opportunities at Star Cruise and join Orange Tree as a property agent. That decision paid off handsomely as he made his way to become the top 10 agent within 1 year at Orange Tree. His appetite for new challenges got him to start his own business, which was something he has always wanted to since his even younger days (as he is only 24 now, bastard). Shortly after the inception of Tag Digital, he has bagged multiple accounts already (visit if you are interested to view their work and clients).

The advertising students of Curtin made a trip to Tag Digital for an up close and personal session with Chris for career advices. The 2 hours session provided several useful insights to what fresh grads could do to break through the clutter for job seekers.

For instance, his hit rate for CV was over 60%. And all he did was to change the title of the email from “Application for the Marketing Position…” to “I would like to contribute towards…”

Here’s what some of the students’ list of summary learning from the session.

Strongerhead Career Session with Chris learning summary 1

Strongerhead Career Session with Chris learning summary 2

Strongerhead ways to a better career

Strongerhead Career Session with Chris TagDigital

Strongerhead Career Session with Chris Tag Digital