secrets to career develpment

I’ve been really held up by travelling, poor health and other work load. Thanks for everyone support and patience. Today, I am going to share one of my secrets to career development. Read on as I unveil my secret.

There is a saying, if you wish to become a lion, you must first behave like one.

In the same token, if you wish to become somebody, says a General Manager, you must first understand how to behave like one. Which means you must know what GM thinks and do to make themselves a good GM.

The fastest way to learn the bolts and nuts of how to become that somebody you wish to become is to find yourself a career coach. Someone whom you can learn from. You will often learn faster that way.

Here comes the next question, where to find this career coach?

Learn from those who already have been where they themselves want to go. Learn from the true masters in their respective field, and not those who claimed to be experts, but who had real-world results to back up their talk. Make them your career coach. If they refuse to be your coach, observe them, study them. Understand how they become the master of their field, and mimic their actions. Even better, do better than them. And you would also become the best of your field. It is only when you become best of your field, you would then be paid the best.

However, what a lot of people are doing is the complete opposite. Many failures or strugglers take advice from friends or peers who are just as broke and unsuccessful as them. You are who you are with. It is highly critical whom you are learning from. If you learn from the best, there is a higher chance you would be able to improve yourself, better yourself. If you learn from the worst, you would only become worst, without experiencing any breakthrough.

For example, you want to know how to become a top marketer. Your colleague who struggles to make a name for himself as a top marketer, tells you that you need to work very hard, work long hours, and let your boss knows you stay back all the time after office hour. And you will be notice and get promoted. But in reality, when you look at your top marketers of your industry, they don’t work as much over time as your colleague. But they are known as the top marketers in the field. Your struggling colleague must have not know or do something that these top marketers know and are doing it. That is the reason why your struggling colleague is still struggling to get a promotion, be notice and valued by your boss till today. In short, if you take advice and learn from those who are unsuccessful, the only thing they can teach you is how to be just as unsuccessful as them.

Start identifying who is the “star player” of your company, and study how they make it to the top. Mimic their mindset and moves and soon you will become one of the top as well.