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Clever thinking is deadlier than nasty words

A specific Section of this movie, the other guys, showcase how clever content can be nastier than nasty words. In any confrontation or argument, keep yr cool & blast yr opponent with yr sharp content rather than sharp words. Enjoy the quote below from the other guys: “If we were in the wild, I would […]

Perfection can be a SIN

 “Wah Lao Eh!!! One minute, boss say wants this, next minute, boss say don’t one this already. Restrategise again”  Sounds familiar? You came up with Plan A, your boss wants Plan B. You did Plan B, and your boss requires Plan C. In the end, you wasted weeks and months coming up with powerpoint slides […]

Tips to prepare your resume

Hey folks, i came across a write up on how should one prepare your resume. There have been several articles written on resume writing, but i find this one pretty useful. At least, close to what i believe. Thought might be good to share the link with you guys. The article provides several tips […]

1 + 1 = 3 at work

I just had a work review session with my team, and got some learning out of it. Was hoping to share them with u guys. Hopefully, it will benefit you in some ways or another. This learning is not a new concept. But often a simple concept which everyone ignores or took it for granted. […]

do i have exam luck?

how to get lucky for your exams for DSM 65. Location: You are at the right place at the right time (for class, for revision, study and revise when u r able to concentrate) Understanding: You understand why you need to do to pass your exams Connection: You know the right people at MIS, the […]

strongerhead ways to selling yourself for marketing job openings

there’s no real answers to what makes a good cover letter. Different jobs, different people reading the cover letters would define what is good in their own terms. Whenever you write a cover letter, prepare resume, or emails, always put yourself into the shoes of your potential hirer. Why he/she is hiring? What kind of […]

How to Get LUCKY?

How come life is not smooth sailing for me? How come things alway go wrong for me? How come opportunity never knocks at my door? Sounds familiar? I have heard this from many of my friends and students and colleagues. Here’s something i have learned about LUCK.  If you understand the concept behind, you should […]

be right or be not wrong

there is a common thinking within the working environment. Although logic will tell us to do the right thing. But many a times, we only want to do things not wrong. Not right, but no one can fault us still. This is call PLAY SAFE. The best way to play it safe is to continue […]

What to study???

R u asking yourself the same question? If not, it’s either one of two scenarios.   (1) You already know what u want (2) You are still unsure abt yr future plans I didn’t know wat to study at 1st. The plan is to study something that can make a lot of $. Heard from […]

what is good advertising?

I am very passionate about advertising. i love to come up with ideas. I admire looking at good ads. base on this reason, i wanted to join the ad agency. And so i went for an interview in hope to secure a job where my passion lies. During the interview session, i explained how i eat […]

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