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When to speak up

not sure about yourself. For me, i always have a problem speaking up during meeting sessions. I feel intimidated for some reasons (which i also dun know what they are). I have tons and tons of ideas/comments/opinions, point of views that i can only keep it to myself. Is it lack of BALLS?  Or it is […]

Managing people

Managing people is an important aspect of your career. I dare to say this is particularly relevant for those in the marketing and/or advertising field, esp the marketing exe working for a corporation or agencies. After many years in the industry, i have to say, managing people to me is one of the most challenging and difficult […]

How to get into Advertising, the strongerhead way

I have always asked myself this question several times over before 30, when i first started my career in advertising. After 30, when i think back about this question, i realize my answers have evolved from the past. And i believe this is a question that many of the freshies would like to know as […]

website revamp

Today has been a fruitful day for me. I had met up with my partner to discuss how are we going to revamp this website, making it more interactive, and user friendly. And hopefully, it will serve my readers better. The look and feel generally stays, but several billbaords be removed. You guys will have […]

interview tips

i believe many have encountered similar challenges during interviews. They asked you questions that you do not know how to respond. And ended up walking out of the interview room like you’ve been wet by a bucket of cold water. I often have the same problems too. The trick is this. Which is something i […]

I am real skeptical when i watch 3D shows. Coz very often, i get terrible headache during the show. But the 3D world cup experience organised by SingTel and Resort World was quite an amazing experience. I did not experience any headache during the match. So i guess the type of 3D specs makes a different. […]

know your priorities

i remember attending Dr Elder’s seminar. And i happened to meet my friend who happened to have registered for the same seminar. We chat alot during the breaks. From our conversations, i learned that he is going for the other seminar conducted by Dr Elder two days later. He will be teaching how he trade […]

Quit to win

I have often preach others to dare to quit. Quitting is a good act if you are quitting things that are stopping you from reaching you dreams. Quit things that are going to distract you from achieving your goals. After saying that for the past 3 years, i’d finally gotta experience it myself alot more […]

This is it

This is it. i finally resign from my post. It was a really hard and tough decision to make. I really felt that it was easier to hold on then to let go. At my current level, current salary range, and current achievement, letting go a job without another job at the present economic situation […]

My first step to not work for money

It has been 9 good years in the field of advertising. I’m not going to give it up. It is one of my greatest passion. An industry that i really enjoy working on. Nevertheless, i am going to leave my company in no time. I have to say, it is kind of sad to part […]

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