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Strongerhead ways to a better career

Jump my way to victory (turning impossible possible)

I’m standing at 1.32m when I was in primary six. Yes, you are right, you will always see me standing in the first roll of all queues (Queues are organized in accordance to our height, from the shortest to the tallest). But I love to jump. So I decided to take up the high jump […]

StrongerHead way to learn faster

After I’ve found a better way to study, I often score well for my tests and exams. I turned role model among many of my classmates. Many would come to me with queries regarding school work. Sometimes, their questions made me find out areas within the different subjects that I didn’t know I was unsure […]

From zero to hero

This StrongerHead encounter is about how I turnaround academically from being the worst student to becoming the top in school. My primary school result was a disaster. Doing well academically is not in my dictionary. I never knew how to achieve it. I never believe I can even get close to being a top student. […]

About the Author

I’m Jason Tan aka Strongerhead.

Strongerhead is a way of thinking (whatever others think, you think opposite).

This blog entails my Strongerhead views to careers development and trading plans for dramatic results. Read on and hope you enjoy my Strongerhead rides.

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Mar 11, 2017 by Daryl Leow
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Jason integration of academic models, actionable principles and processes has given me on-field perspectives on how marketing should be.
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