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How to prepare for your interview session like dating session at Curtin

Today has been pretty fruitful and fulfilling. I sense positive responses from the Ad340 students from Curtin during this evening’s class on “How to prepare for your interview session”. I wished i had taped the session down and upload some moments here and share it with you guys. Finding a job is like dating. You […]

Career Development Trip to Standard Charter Bank with Jason Tan Strongerhead

It’s been with great pleasure to meet one of my ex-student, Anna Lim, from Curtin yesterday. I’m really proud to learn that she has been progressing really well in her career path. We had the privilege to get Anna Lim to share with some career tips with Curtin Ad391 students who will be graduating in […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Testimonial for Conrad at Wealth Academy Expo 2012

There’s always this constant struggle among many of you. it is a question between which is better, staying employ or unemployed? We are all conditioned to believe if you are employ, you have financial security. If you are unemployed, you be in financial trouble. Are we asking ourself the wrong question? Maybe it is time […]

Career dilemma: get started or wait

It’s been some time since i last posted anything here. My website has finally been revamped. But still there’s a couple of stuffs to be included which is why i have not officially announced the “launch” of my newly revamped site. I actually have alot of postings and updates for you guys. watch out for […]

Career Development trip to CIMB with Jason Tan Strongerhead

This is one of the best outfield trips we have had. I’m really proud to have this ‘reunion’ session with two of my ex-students from Curtin Advertising, Estar Rino D’Hasyah (currently marketing and corporate communications champion for CIMB bank), and Deanson Lee (our fresh Curtin graduate who has just join Mindshare’s digital team). I’m elated […]

Getting out of my shitty life

Are you more alive at the beginning of your work day or towards end of your work day? Did you we set our alarm to ring at 6.45am? As soon as your alarm set off, you hit the snooze button just to catch another 5 – 10 more minutes of sleep. Finally, you get up, […]

Strongerhead birthday wishes hall of fame 2012

Just a few days ago marks my 34th birthday. I was elated by the many wishes and greeting messages from numerous friends, students and colleagues. I felt as though I was having a reunion with you guys via FaceBook. It just warms my heart in truly madly deeply ways even though I was going through […]

Average Graduate Salary

I came across an article on graduates’ expected salary range,  from 2011 Graduate Employment Survey (GES), an annual survey that crunches the salary data of fresh graduates who have just entered the workforce. It looks pretty good. But one have to take note that the amount includes CPF from your employers as well as your own contributions, and all other […]

Award winning resume template

Looking for an award winning resume template or sample? For the new job hunters and seekers, especially those who have not write a resume before, and those who have not tested the effectiveness of your written resume. You might be wondering out there if there’s such thing known as the prescribed resume template or format or […]

Why did you go to school?

What are the benefits of receiving higher education? Well it is still about the benefits you will reap from the education. But, for most students, the perspectives of what benefits means to students have evolved with time. Students are becoming smarter nowadays. They understand the need to get themselves the required certifications to help prepare them […]

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