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Fresh grad career advice with Y&R

Our students of Ad391 (Advertising Campaign development) from Curtin University were brought for an outfield trip to Y&R, one of the world’s leading full service advertising agencies. Established in 1923, Y&R is also the first agency to be founded by a suit and a creative (John Orr Young and Raymond Rubicam). On 10 Jan 2012 […]

When to Quit and When not to lesson at Curtin

30 Dec 2011 marks the last working day for the year. I had the honour to conduct one of my favourite enrichment topic, “To Quit or not to Quit”. This is one of the common enquiries from students and friends and peers. I had decided to put up a session at Curtin in hope to […]

can i quit?

Winners do not quit. Quitters do not win. Now, don’t take this too literally. You need to quit to win. Just need to know what to quit and when to quit. I have students who once told me that they on a cross roads situation. They hated their job, and wish to quit. However, their […]

i can because i can

Just last Fri, 1 Dec, i had another enrichment session at Curtin University. There’s quite a number of students turning up for the session. Large majority of them were foreign students. I am very impressed with Curtin for organizing such sessions to help their students prepare themselves for their studies, and more importantly, for their […]

Students’ visit to GroupM for career opportunities

It’s been a while since my last posting. Some technical glitch that is stopping me from updating my site. Some quick updates for you. We had just conducted an outfield trip to one of the biggest Media agency for Curtin Students. Thanks to an old friend, Jimmy, the Executive Director of Mindshare, Curtin students been given the […]

Join the C game if you want to LOSE

When the Communications stops, the Cold war starts. When the Cold war starts, the Conflicts kick in. When the Conflicts starts, the Clashes begin. When the Clashes begins, Causality sets in. Why play the C game when no one is going to benefit from any of the outcome. Everyone will get hurt, angry, frustrated, stress, […]

What to do when you graduate

X’mas is coming. I am eagerly waiting for 2012’s arrival with open arms. I know I’ll be older, but I’ve a lot of hope that 2012 will be a much better year for me which is keeping my dreams going. How about you? what’s your dream? Or goals? For some, especially for my students or […]

How to get what you want?

The art of getting what you want is simply ASK. ASK and you open the possibilities of getting it. Sounds easy? I bet you heard of this a million times. But I am not sure how many of you been practicing this ‘art’. And why not? Take a look at the achievers (people who have […]

How to be good at what you do?

Nov 2011 – Jan 2012 is looking crazy for Strongerhead. I guess I had taken on more than I should have taken on. Back to back classes starting this week. I hope I can catch up with the pace and my voice will stay intact for me, and all the monthly flu and sore throat, […]

How to choose your University

I have received several enquiries on how to choose your University. There are so many things to consider when choosing your University. some of the evaluation criteria includes the school ranking; its reputation; the quality of the lecturers; what you will be learning; the types and kinds of modules available; the level of difficulty in […]

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