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Can i make it?

Do you believe you can be the next Director? Do you believe you can be the most valued employee of your organisation? Do you believe you can make $100k a month? Very often, the answer is NO. If I say YOU CAN MAKE IT, you’ll not believe me. You will say, come on LAH.  I […]

Where do I begin to increase my wealth?

Very often, I hear frustrated individuals telling me how depressed they are about their current financial status. And the worst thing is that they do not know what to do. Here’s the good news. The solution is often a pretty straight forward one: (1) Set a target that will free you of your lousy financial […]

job seekers advice

Seeking for job opportunities? Looking for a new job? Searching for a job can be challenging isn’t it?   There’s a saying “the more you want, the less you get”. Think about it. When you are looking for a taxi, you can hardly get one. When you are not looking for one, there’s plenty on […]

dream with your eyes wide open

If only I make $20k a month… If only I am the CEO of APPLE… If only I own a Ferrari… The dream list goes on and on and on. Some managed to live their dreams. Some could only live in their dreams. Why? Those who turn dreams into reality, it is not about the […]

Be Different

Everyone wants to be different. They saw their best pals doing something different. Wanting to be different, they follow what their best pals did. And we have now so many people doing the same thing to be different. How does that make you different? We have a natural tendency to follow. But to stand out, […]

Why pain doesn’t hurt me?

Why pain doesn’t hurt me? Becoz when others see pain, I see rewards. I know. Sounds like I’m a sucker for pain. Maybe that’s how I got my nick, Strongerhead. However, the truth is I’ve accepted the fact that to achieve anything, it is gonna be like cycling up a hill. The more ambitious your goals […]

wrong to win

“Wrong to win” is a great philosophy that I had picked up during the course of my advertising career. “Wrong to win” is when it is not right to be right. In another words, wrong to be right. Sounds crazy, I know. It is against our educated mindset where it is good to be right. […]

don’t ‘think twice’

Right after i got my degree in early 2003, in my wildest dream am i going to back to school to go through the motion again. In 2008, i was sitting at one corner of the classroom attending my MBA classes. Those who knows me was telling me how silly i am to overload myself with […]

Stop working for others!!!

Stop working for others!!! Immediately when people hear this statement, some might say, “who is going to pay the bills?”, “eat grass, drink water every day is it?” Of coz, we need money. But we should start making money instead of earning wages/salary. On my previous blog, I wrote mind your own biz starts with […]

why u should mind your own business

Not sure if you have heard of this phrase. As for me, I first came across this phrase in the book by Robert, called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The phrase reminds me to not work for others. Not sure if you have had similar experiences when you are working for others? “I am very disappointed […]

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I’m Jason Tan aka Strongerhead.

Strongerhead is a way of thinking (whatever others think, you think opposite).

This blog entails my Strongerhead views to careers development and trading plans for dramatic results. Read on and hope you enjoy my Strongerhead rides.

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