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Strongerhead’s first lecturing award

It’s been a week into March 2012, and alot have happened. One of the biggest surprise was winning my first lecturer’s award, “Teaching Excellence award” with Marketing Institute Singapore (MIS). I have to thank everyone who has voted for me. All the students who have went through 12 sessions of marketing communications classes. To all the staffs at […]

Lecturing technique on news: Shin Min

Thanks to all Strongerhead supporters. It is from your continuous support and feedbacks that inspires me to constantly review my lecturing techniques into making it a more effective one. One of the techniques had actually got the attention of the Singapore Chinese Press (Shin Min, dated 3 July 2011, Sunday).  I had gotten nice feedback from friends […]

Lecturer “bribe” students to pay attention in class

A lecturer was “caught” paying students in his class to buy for their attention and fast track their learning. If you guys like that method, please click on the link and share your votes and comments. I hope this is going to be a good rumour 🙂

Birthday Thank You Note: Thanks for being my inspiration

Thank you so much Ad310 March 2011 batch. I felt really really touched that Monday night having received your lovely birthday card and wishes. This little thought means alot to me. I’m truely appreciative and thankful for this gesture. I must put this down in writing to commemorate this moment. A big Thank You to Ad […]

This is it

This is it. i finally resign from my post. It was a really hard and tough decision to make. I really felt that it was easier to hold on then to let go. At my current level, current salary range, and current achievement, letting go a job without another job at the present economic situation […]

Jump my way to victory (turning impossible possible)

I’m standing at 1.32m when I was in primary six. Yes, you are right, you will always see me standing in the first roll of all queues (Queues are organized in accordance to our height, from the shortest to the tallest). But I love to jump. So I decided to take up the high jump […]

From zero to hero

This StrongerHead encounter is about how I turnaround academically from being the worst student to becoming the top in school. My primary school result was a disaster. Doing well academically is not in my dictionary. I never knew how to achieve it. I never believe I can even get close to being a top student. […]

About StrongerHead

I used to dislike my life. I blame it on fate. Life has been quite a drama for me. Nothing comes smooth for me throughout my life. From school to relationship. From army to career. I always thought my ‘Guardian Angel’ (if there is one) has a wicked sense of humour. It took many hardships […]

Previously on

This is my 2nd attempt to not work for money. I want to achieve it at age 35. Which means I have 4 years to go before 2014 ends. I had always wanted to retire young. I’ve planned to achieve it by 30 yrs old. You can hear echoes of friends and family saying “GET […]

About the Author

I’m Jason Tan aka Strongerhead.

Strongerhead is a way of thinking (whatever others think, you think opposite).

This blog entails my Strongerhead views to careers development and trading plans for dramatic results. Read on and hope you enjoy my Strongerhead rides.

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