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Jason Tan Strongerhead MIS DSM 71th class photo

This is a part time diploma class that I had conducted at Marketing Institute Singapore in Apr/Jun 2012. Apologies for the delay in uploading these photos. I’m very sure you can now see the negative effects of procrastination. It can deter you from achieving anything that you may be after. However, it is better to […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Media Planning Mar 2012 class

This is my very first Media Planning class. Despite me not being a very ‘Maths’ person (although I have accountancy background), I was happy to had received very good responses from this class about the quality of the sessions and learning they have got out of this module. However, I have got a comment from […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Enrichment class at Curtin Mar 2012

This was the last ‘Enrichment Class’ in Mar 2012, as Curtin has changed its name from ‘Enrichment Classes’ to ‘Self Studies’. I must say, be it the foreign students, but especially the Singaporeans, it is quite a pity that not many of them are interested in this type of classes. I can see why they […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Ad211 March 2012 class

Like the previous post, this should have been uploaded back in end May 2012. I remember this group of students for Ad211: Sho; Cindy; Louis; Laurencia; Siliva Angela Siantar; Griselda Phyu Phyu Kyi Some of them have already graduated (like Sho, and Siliva Angela). I’ve met some of them again in the recent semester for […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Ad391 March 2012 class

This posting is way overdue. I had completed the module in end May. My site has been down during that period of time. Which delayed the postings and photos uploads. And of coz, I have to admit, it is mostly due to laziness that causes the most delay 😛 Ops.. This is one of my […]

Humbling note from student after my ‘preparing your interview like dating’ session

This is one note that will be engraved deep into my heart to keep me going as a career coach. It inspires me to inspire others. I can’t thank her enough for the humbling testimonial. It meant so much to me. Freiheit Stern · Singapore, Singapore This was a very informative session on “how to […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Career outfield trip to Y&R with Curtin Ad391 Students

Yesterday, the students of Curtin from Ad391 had the privileged to visit Young & Rubicam (Also known as Y&R, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies) hosted by Soohan, the Regional Associate Account Director of Y&R for one of the blue chips account, Caltex. Soohan has been around in the advertising industry for the last […]

How to prepare for your interview session like dating session at Curtin

Today has been pretty fruitful and fulfilling. I sense positive responses from the Ad340 students from Curtin during this evening’s class on “How to prepare for your interview session”. I wished i had taped the session down and upload some moments here and share it with you guys. Finding a job is like dating. You […]

Career Development Trip to Standard Charter Bank with Jason Tan Strongerhead

It’s been with great pleasure to meet one of my ex-student, Anna Lim, from Curtin yesterday. I’m really proud to learn that she has been progressing really well in her career path. We had the privilege to get Anna Lim to share with some career tips with Curtin Ad391 students who will be graduating in […]

Strongerhead Ad391 Poster Session Aug 2012

The Aug 2012 poster session for Ad391 outcome has been pretty amazing. They have definitely up the stake in the level of creativity when it comes to developing their mood board. The campaign these students were working on was for SMRT. With the recent train breakdowns and press articles on SMRT with regards to the […]

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