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Advertising Class with Jason Tan Lecturer

Account Planning Class photo 28 Jan 2014 at Curtin with Jason Tan Strongerhead

Account Planning falls under a discipline within the advertising where strategies are born. This module forces one to think or at the very least enable one to understand the process of strategy development. I suppose I now have a class of thinkers by the end of this module. Cheers to thinkers and leaders of our […]

Curtin Advertising Class with Strongerhead

Advertising Principles class photo at Curtin 25 Jan 2014 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

18 students from around the globe registered for the Nov 2013 ā€“ Jan 2014 Advertising Principles class (Ad211 Module ā€“ Advertising foundation) at Curtin. Happy to see that double digital student number interested in Advertising, a topic which I have always rated it highly as one of the MUST HAVE skills. The class ended on […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead classes with DSMM 8.1

Marketing Communications class with Jason Tan Strongerhead at MIS for Part time DSMM 8th on 17 Jan 2014

Small class of 9 and I remembered clearly on our very first lesson, 28 Oct 2013 (Monday), their class participation and general attitude towards the module kind of clipped my wings. But as we progressed into the subsequence classes, I guess the warm up helps heaps. They are very enterprising, very entrepreneurial. I shared numerous […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead MIS GDM marcom Oct 2013 class photo 3

MIS GDM103 Marketing Communications Class photo 1 Jan 2014 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

This is one of my favourite subject, Marketing Communications. Always a pleasure to be sharing knowledge on how Marketing Communications work and the magic it brings to business results. Know you + Like you = Magic A class of 9 full time working executives who volunteered to take on a post graduate diploma program for […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead PSB FOM Dec 2013 class photo 5

PSB Academy Foundation of Marketing class photo 9 Dec 2013 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

My second time conducting this module, this time around, it is for full timers. Quite different experience as compared to the part timers. However, both left me a pleasant surprise. One of the student from this current batch gave me a thank you note which assured me that my efforts did not put to waste. […]

Kaplan Mass Comm class 9 Oct 2013 Photo with Jason Strongerhead 2

Kaplan Media Power and Ethic Diploma class photo 9 Dec 2013 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

This is actually my first mass communication module after being in this industry for over a decade. I dearly enjoy the module and all the theories were like a very good recap session as i was conducing this module. I guess many students will not forget at least for the short term the power and […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead DDM 23 Oct 2014 Class photo 3

University Western England Digital Direct Marketing Class photo 23 Oct 2013 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

This is one of the leading marketing module that all marketers must equip themselves with in this digital age. And i am very happy to be conducting and sharing the knowledge on how to create marketing campaign with results and impact using direct marketing concept via digital platforms. This module demystify the concept of digital […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead PDM Sept 2013 Class photo 2

Professional Development Marcom Class photo 14 Sept 2013 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

This is the second time i’m conducting this joint partnership course by Marketing Institute Singapore (MIS) and National University Singapore (NUS). It is a Professional Development Marketing (PDM) certification and i’m honoured to be teaching one of the modules, Marketing Communications (my bread and butter topic which i used to do in my day job […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead AdvDip CB 31 Oct 2013 Class photo

Kaplan Advance Diploma Consumer Behaviour Class photo 31 Oct 2013 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

Long overdue Happy Halloween (BEEEELATED) class photo. Nothing ghostly about this photos thou. This is another 1st time experience at Kaplan doing Consumer Behaviour for Advance Diploma. Expected a class of 14, only 8 turned up, and experienced a PHD (Poly Halfway Dropout) ended with 7 survivors. 7 interesting characters too. Check them out below. […]

Kaplan AdvDipMM class Sept 2013 Photo with Jason Strongerhead 2

Kaplan Advance Diploma Marketing Management Class photo 26 Aug 2013 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

I have to thank Kaplan for giving me the opportunity to meet these great students. Some of them became great friends after we had completed the module together. During the classes, we shared many jokes and serious moments together. One of the highlights was during the projects brainstorming session. I saw many great ideas flying […]

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