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Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Ad391 Advertising Campaign Development Nov 2012 class

Due to the size of the class in the evening, we managed to combine the day and evening class to work on their group projects. We have two groups in total. And I am very proud to say that the outcome of the project was fulfilling. The quality of the ideas speaks for itself. This […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Ad310 Advertising Strategy Nov 2012 class

This is the last module where we will have exam for Advertising Strategy. In any case, I am glad to know majority of you cleared this module. And thank you so much for the feedbacks. Your comments have benefited the March 2013 students whom I am having Ad310 with presently. I’ve revamped my notes to […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead GDBM Marketing Management class at Marketing Institute Singapore

Only two students, Nirmal (from India) and Liu Yuan (from China). I have to give it to them for making the effort to come for class, and staying attentive to understand the numerous marketing concepts and framework from pricing to distribution to product development to promotions. That’s a lot to cover and a lot of […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Media Planning 250 1:1 session with Christina Beh

My very first 1:1 lecture to help student complete their degree. Although the lessons were shortened by 30%, but I am glad we managed to accomplish every learning outcome and Christina Beh did great for the module. Now, she is officially a Bachelor Degree graduate, and I am proud to have been her tutor and […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Media Planning 250 Nov 2012 class

This is my second time taking on Media Planning 250. I actually dislike any modules that are related to maths. But I quite enjoy taking on this module. It is not exactly rocket science. I believe all my students who have taken this module would not disagree the fact that it helps to put some […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Ad211 Nov 2012 class

It’s been such a long time since I have updated Classes with Strongerhead section. There were actually a lot of classes going on. Just that I haven’t had a chance to spend some real quality time to update my class activities. In Nov 2012 – Feb 2013, I had a small group of 6 for […]

Students comments on Jason Tan Strongerhead’s PDM class

One of the most comments i’ve ever received for a lecturer’s evaluation. Thanks for the comments, and i just wish to let you guys know i treasure every line of it, and will work to the best of my ability and build it on from strength to strength.

Jason Tan Strongerhead Professional Diploma in Asia Pacific Marketing class photo

My first PDM class, and i’m loving it. This is a really special group of students who have brought me much joy in FOUR consecutive weekends. These folks are a bunch of good guys from around Asia Pacific Region to as far as Israel. Their appetite for success and eagerness to learn the ropes about […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Career outfield trip to Golden Village with Curtin Ad391 students

On 14 Jan, Students of Curtin Ad391 make a trip to Golden Village at Dhoby Ghaut for a meet and greet session with two of our Curtin ex-students, Eunice Nicole Lim (Marketing Executive of GV) and Melissa (from MEC – part of GroupM). This would be a real eye opener for the students to get […]

Lesson from Jason Tan Strongerhead Career outfield trip to Mindshare, “Don’t be too rigid with your career options”.

I had a delightful Monday evening on the 7 Jan. To many, it would just be another Mon evening, which marks the end of a typical Monday Blue. But life for many folks from the Advertising and Media Industry might say otherwise. That evening, my Curtin Ad391 students had the privilege to visit Mindshare, a […]

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