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Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 27 Aug 2012

The market was making its way to its previous high and indeed we saw a pull back. Betting on this pull back, I managed to capture VXX at $11.04. As i was unsure if this was going to be just a knee jerk reaction or a reversal, I decided to close the position as soon […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 20 Aug 2012

The market did what we have expected in baby steps fashion. Moving up the ladder at small baby pace. Will the market be doing the same coming week. Let’s take a look at the chart. As of last week ended 17 Aug 2012, the trend is still UP. It is just inches away from reaching […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 13 Aug 2012

Last week, the market did a mini run to the upside reaching its ceiling. There’s still a tiny little space for the to stretch the ceiling a little further if the market wants to do so. Let’s take a look at the charts. The weekly chart remains on an uptrend. But prices are very close […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial market Analysis 6 Aug 2012

Last week, the pull back did happened. But it happened earlier than expected. However, the strategy would have worked if you had got in on a pull back. Let’s see what’s the outlook for this coming week. Weekly chart of the Dow and S&P remains on an uptrend. There’s still some space for further up […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 30 July 2012

Weekly chart of the Dow and S$P remains on an uptrend. Prices is near upper channel zone. Daily Chart of the Dow and S$P is currently at: – top end of channel – MACDH experiencing lower lows with price having higher high – RSI is in overbought zone Fear (VIX) weekly & daily both on […]

Fear and Greed Battle

this market pull back got me to have sleepless night. Last night, i was tired. but i wanted to hear the news and read for signals and get a general sentiments of what the market is doing now. it is a tough call. It is these kinda situation that makes you wonder if u can […]

my first book on trading

Many of my trading friends would have known, i have alway wanted to write some books about trading. Not just any kinds of trading books. But books that i’ll find it easy to read. Cause very often, i find that one of the barriers i have to overcome is to take the time to read […]

know your priorities

i remember attending Dr Elder’s seminar. And i happened to meet my friend who happened to have registered for the same seminar. We chat alot during the breaks. From our conversations, i learned that he is going for the other seminar conducted by Dr Elder two days later. He will be teaching how he trade […]

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