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Jason Tan Strongerhead Financial Market outlook for the week 14 Oct 2013

I expected market to stay UP. But I didn’t expect a wash and rinse situation which happened on the first two trading days. However, now the market is looking really bullish. How high can it go? Let the resistance zone tells us so from the charts. On the monthly charts (Not shown here), Oct is […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 7 Oct 2013

Last trading week, as discussed and expected, it was bearish. My decision to close all my long was a correct one. Next week, is it time to long again? let’s take a look at the chart. On the monthly chart (Not shown here), Sept closed with positive. Cot started off bullish for S&P but in […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 30 Sept 2013

As we have expected, bear sign 3 was fulfilled (Read for reference for the 3 bear signs). VIX does not like to be oversold and it rallied away from that zone with vengeance causing the market to be dragged down or the week. I’ve closed out my longs on Monday to protect my profits. […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 23 Sept 2013

Due to my preparation for a talk at Curtin for their Pre-Graduation Ceremony, I was not able to make time for my Financial market Analysis for last trading week. This week, it came a bit late as my laptop was send for servicing. Didn’t wish to miss another week of trading homework, I’m now using […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 9 Sept 2013

The rally as we have expected, took place last week. Is it a relief rally or end of this down trend, let’s take a look at the chart. The weekly chart suggested a paused in the intermediate down trend. Long term trend is still UP as of last Friday. In the coming week, if the […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 3 Sept 2013

Ouch. After prices breaks above last week’s high, it opened the door for the bears instead of making head way for the bulls. We now know the importance of a stop loss, or staying hedged to protect your capital, because the market is always RIGHT. This week, what will the market do again, let’s take […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 26 Aug 2013

If you had not missed my last week’s market analysis, it stated that VIX has some room to run still. But as soon as it reached the top of the green box, possible rally from the bulls would be triggered. And it did exactly that on Thurs and Friday. Does this mark as a possible […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 19 Aug 2013

As mentioned last week, VIX was facing the short term resistance, and we are expecting a pull back in the beginning of the trading week. Similarly, a slight bounced on the Dow and S&P by the bulls happened too in the start of last trading week. As discussed last week, if the rally has no […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 12 Aug 2013

I missed another week of trading homework due to Dengue Fever. There is a series of unfortunate events happening to me of late. Laptop was not in working condition. Physical state was hammered by dengue fever. Work was negatively affected by nasty complaints. But fortunately, laptop is still under warranty, and was in a fixable […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 29 July 2013

I’m back in action. Last week, my laptop was not in working condition and has to be sent for repair. It was only when I was without my laptop that I realised how much I had depended on technology to trade, to socialise, and to make a living. Thus, never take anything for granted. Without […]

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