how to choose my job

Which is more important? the money? or the working environment?

My response is going to sound like a politically correct kind of answer. Money is very important. It is a good form of measure for mental health. The wealthier you are, usually (like I said, USUALLY), you are psychologically and emotionally more sound. This tends to (like I said, tends to, not a form of guarantee) lead you to a happier life.

But again, money is not everything. Sound like an oxymoron statement. But it is true. Imagine yourself getting paid more, but your working environment sucks. Your boss or your colleagues are nightmare to work with. You may find, money is not that important after all.

Imagine having to wake up every morning, dreading yourself to work. Your Monday blues actually starts on Sunday. The money you open your mail box, you curse the sender’s name that appears in your inbox. You hate to push the button to answer incoming calls from your so called notorious boss or colleagues or clients. You hate yourself and even begin to lose respect for yourself as the day goes by. Even if you are well paid, you are not sure if it is worthwhile for you to go through all these SHIT.

But do not confuse having no money VERSUS having a lousy working environment. If you wish to compare, you need to compare apple  against apple. If not, you might regret certain decisions in life. It might not be a wise move (not wise, but not necessary a wrong move) to quit your shitty job and ended up jobless for months. Having a paying money and able to pay all your bills and fulfills your financial commitments but to endure a shitty job in my opinion might be better than having no money to pay for your bills and financial obligations.

Unless you really need to QUIT regardless. If not, when you are going through your decision process, it should be about having a job versus not having a job. Having a job with less money versus having a job with more money.

If you ask me to choose, having a job versus not having a job. I would rather go with HAVING A JOB (Although I would strongly recommend for you to not work for others. Read my after 30 postings for details).

But if you ask me would I want to be in a job with good working environment but lesser pay versus being in a shitty job with higher pay, I would go with the first option.

When you having enough to meet your financial obligations, and you enjoy going to work, that would actually leads you to an even healthier life both physically and emotionally. And if you believe in the laws of attraction, good things comes are attracted to those with good energy. Thus, when you are in a healthy state of body and mind, greater and better things tend to come to you, coz you have all the good energy in you.

Sounds like nonsense? It is actually logical. Just an analogy. Imagine a guy all smiley and cheery versus a guy who is all gloomy and grouchy. Which of the two guys will be able to make more friends?

Whatever you do, choose to do things that will land you with a better state of mind and body.