Curtin advertising lesson at Changi Terminal 1 & 2

One of my beliefs about good advertising is to first understand your audience, whom your advertisements will be speaking to.

When you wish to persuade your girlfriend or boyfriend to buy you a present, to win over an argument, if you know your partner inside out, do you think you will have a higher chance of winning your partner over? Obviously.

If you know your customers inside out, you would be able to speak to them in their language that makes better sense to them. Which is why before you speak to them, you must first listen to their voices.

One of the better ways to listen to their voices is to do that in person. This Dec 2011 Advertising class, I had decided to conduct the research lesson at Changi Terminal, where students will get to meet the potential customers of an airline, and seek to understand what they are looking for when they fly.

Students had to do 1-on-1 interviews with the tourists and travelers at the airport. It has been quite an experience and I’m sure the students learn lot about marketing research and how to write better advertisement after the session.