Diploma in Sales and Marketing 3rd intake 2011 class

29 Dec marks the last lesson for my Diploma in Sales & Marketing (DSMM) 3rd intake in 2011 for Marketing Institute Singapore (MIS). Throughout the 12 sessions, I must say, I had my fair share of ups and downs with the 23 students. But overall, it has been a fun experience. I do believe they are a fun batch of guys, and will do well if they wish to.

The last lesson was one of the most participative sessions I had ever experienced with this class throughout the last 12 lessons too. Many make a lot of “Strongerhead dollars” from answering the quiz sessions. It is through the students’ active participation that I managed to have a better sense of their determination and drive. And I must say the energy level has been infectious. Despite my sore throat condition, I had decided to go on without a mic, as it is preferred by the students, and went on for full 3 hours. Since you guys have given your all, I shall give it my best shot too.

Remember to not give up till you get your degree. Education is just a small part of your journey to success. It is not everything. Don’t forget to make a lot of new friends, build good relationship with people, and have fun along the way. Without the fun, the journey will become meaningless. So ENJOY the ride.

All the best to your exams and future endeavors. And a happy 2012 ahead.

Cheers to

First row: Phan Linh San; Tran Thanh Long; Le Hoang Nguyen; Liu Jun Zhe; Duong Tuong Linh; Hong Truong Thanh; Sun Xuan; Zhang Hong Teng; Li Jing; Zheng Xiao Meng; Melissa Mohan

Second Row: Yuan Zi Xin; Liu Zihan; Sun Teng; Wei YiMing; Teoh Zhee Hang; Zhang Run; Fu An; Yeong Wei Wuen; Nathan