don’t ‘think twice’

Right after i got my degree in early 2003, in my wildest dream am i going to back to school to go through the motion again. In 2008, i was sitting at one corner of the classroom attending my MBA classes.

Those who knows me was telling me how silly i am to overload myself with a full time job, part time lecturing, managing side biz, and attending other courses at the same time, from internet marketing to property investing to equities trading. WHY am i doing this?

i believe i did all that becoz i never ‘think twice’.

Please do not get me wrong. What i mean was i never think about how overload i’ll be, nor how tiring it can get, and how stressful it will be for me. If i sit down to think of all the extra work and stress and pressure, i would have probably give everything a miss. but that fact that i have already decided what i wanted in my life, i decided to jump right at it no matter what it takes. I believe this is the motion i need to go through to get to my destination.

Today, in 2011, i completed my MBA, with Commendation. With my MBA, now i can go ahead to pursue more lecturing opportunities, doing what i enjoy doing. If i had ‘think twice’ about my MBA, sooner or later, I would have to take it someday if I wish to pursue my lecturing opportunities at higher levels.

Don’t hesitate. Have a plan, and walk your plan. You will find it more efficient and effective that way. When you jump into something, you will make it happen most of the time. The hardest part in anything is “starting it”. once you start, you can’t hardly stop. Once you stop, you can hardly start. So the trick is to start, and do not stop. Unless it is no longer worth continuing. But many a times, if you don’t start, you don’t know if you should stop.