Don’ts when picking your career

i came across a short article this morning on the worst way to choose your career. I heard many are thinking of leaving your current role some where end of this year, or beginning next year. Many are looking for better and greener pasture elsewhere. I’ve been through that stage several times in my career as well. And some of it i would say, was a not so ideal move, and a few to a certain extend can be considered a wrong move. of coz, you will never know what you gonna get until u join that new organisation. However, here’s a few things to bear in mind when choosing your career. Coz if you had switch or join another organisation for the wrong reason, you will be constantly looking for ‘greener and better’ pasture all your life.

1) Never pick a career becoz your frds say u r good at it
2) Never pick a career for MONEY only
3) Never pick a career becoz it makes you look good in front of others
4) Never pick a career as a temporary fix
5) Never pick a career becoz it makes your parents happy

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