Fear and Greed Battle

this market pull back got me to have sleepless night. Last night, i was tired. but i wanted to hear the news and read for signals and get a general sentiments of what the market is doing now.

it is a tough call. It is these kinda situation that makes you wonder if u can really make passive income from the market. Feels like giving up.

Sounds familiar. The “give up” part?

I bet many a times, we will all wanna give up. I think it is easy to give up in this instance. I guess that is the different btw a winner and a loser. If i give up now, i’m declaring myself a loser, and eat my own words. If i pull through, many more ‘tests’ ahead of me. I must hold onto my belief and pull through. That’s y success does not come easy, but it taste sweet when u experience it.

I’m glad i’m not the only one who is having such emotions right now. My group of die hard believers are all around me to go through hardship together.

28 May, or 4th June, let’s all get together and discuss our strategies. I’m gonna share my learning in an hour (summaried version). Will give Kang Ming more time to share since he is the start of the night.

Cheers and see everyone at that closed door gathering soon.