Getting out of my shitty life

Are you more alive at the beginning of your work day or towards end of your work day?

Did you we set our alarm to ring at 6.45am? As soon as your alarm set off, you hit the snooze button just to catch another 5 – 10 more minutes of sleep. Finally, you get up, shower, or maybe skip shower cause you are running out of time, get dressed in your working attire, grab some breakfast if you have the time, and get in gear for the daily punishment called rush hour.

Once you hit office, you got to deal with your vendors, your suppliers, your colleagues, your customers and your boss sent by the devil to rub you the wrong way. But work life goes on, acting busy, hiding mistakes, smile when given mission impossible (if you know what I mean). Constantly argue with your conscience but agrees with your bosses. And during ‘massacred festival’, known as restructuring or downsizing or laid off that happened every now and then, you give sigh of relief when the ax falls on other heads.

Back home, you eat, watch TV, surf the net. You do not wish to head for bed but you need to because you got to prepare for tomorrow’s rush hour again.

Are we slowly killing ourself so slowly that we barely notice it ourself?

Are we letting it happen to us?

If not, how do we get out of this shitty life?

Unfortunately, we all need money to survive. But how much is enough, that’s the key to freedom. To get out of your shitty life, to liberate ourself, it will have to begin in our minds. Maybe you can start by asking yourself these questions.

– Do you know you have the power to choose if you wish to lead a shitty life or a better life?

– Can you stop impressing others with your possessions?

– Do you know that you actually need much lesser than you thought?