Good Morning 2011

A very good morning to 2011. i bet most of you guys did witness the transition from 2010 to 2011. This year, i survived the entire night doing a few fruitful things, like typing my dissertation (progressing slowly but surely), watching romance of 3 kingdom DVD epi 1 & 2 (with Eng sub title of coz), went for a run at 6am, and most importantly, brainstorm some ideas on what i want and hope to achieve in 2011.

Very unexpectedly and surprisingly, my old and rusty light bulb led up to start off my 2011. I hope this is a good SIGN manz. Becoz of that, although i have not sleep since 2010 (31 Dec 2010 to be exact), but i still feel afresh and excited about 2011. I have always said no one plan to fail, but often fail to plan. I had open up my exercise book to jot down my ideas and new year resolution already. This shall be my desired “ROI” for the year.

I hope u guys will do some thinking and pens down your plan and walk that plan. Let’s see if we will have a fruitful 2011 12 months from now. I wish everyone all the best and keep track of everyone’s progress and motivate each other too.