how to have a head start in your job search

what can i do to get a head start in my job search?

I read an interesting article today which might provide some insights for your job search. what i like about the article is how they have drawn the similarity between characteristics of good commedian and successful job search.

At the end of the day, if you put on a ‘good show’, you’ll impress your audience. The article highlighted 6 pointers which u can used to impress your audience.
1) Be specific abt what u wan and wat u can contribute
2) Edit ruthlessly, get to the punchline quickly, maintain listener’s attention
3) Talk about what you know, make yourself a subject matter expert about what u know and what u r good at.
4) Be yourself, coz u be most comfortable when u r yrself.
5) Your audience need to get your point, or else, they will not be sold.

One more thing, if you have already done all the above, and still facing challenges, it is time to take a step back, refresh, reignite your creativity and braoden your perspective.