why more and more people dislike hiring fresh grads and young lads

Earlier this afternoon was the last enrichment session for me in Sept 2012.

I must say, it has been quite a disappointment from the audience responses. Except for the 2nd session (where more than 50% of the audience were volunteered to attend the session), the rest of the 3 sessions were rather disappointing base on the response of the students.

I didn’t even conduct the planned topic for the last session, which was about effective learning strategies. As it was considered a complete waste of their time to sit through 2 hours of their life for such sessions that in their opinion, they do not need. Instead, i took the time to share with them what they could do for their marketing essay. i thought that would be best for them since they are only looking for something that really benefit them as their essay deadline is happening in two weeks time from now. Nevertheless, i was some students playing games on their iPad.

I guess that is what i was disappointed about. Career development skills and knowledge, resume writing skills, and how to study smart instead of hard, these essential skills are actually being deemed as useless an valueless to these folks. When asked if they are willing to pay $50 to learn these skills, none of them felt that $50 was worth their money to pick up these knowledge and skills (Be prepared to pay 100 times more in the future for such knowledge, and 1000 times more for not having these skills).

I believe this is the new generation of folks our society will be dealing with. And i’m not surprise to hear quite a few complaints on hiring fresh grads and young lads of today.

But consider this as good news. As everyone is getting contended, less hunger, and unmotivated, it means that there’ll be more opportunities for others to shine. All you need to do is to do the opposite and you be deemed as valuable asset to future employers, and have higher chances to succeed.