Thank you for your humbling testimonial

I would like to extend a BIG & Sincere Thank You to one of my graduates, Ms Eunice Nicole, for recently posting an unsolicited Testimonial regarding her career advice session with Strongerhead. Ms Eunice, your thoughtful comments are truely appreciated. Thank you again.

I would like to share her job seeking experience as a living example of how with the right strategies and mindset, you can get into any career with a decent pay even as a fresh grad.

Here’s what she had wrote:

I never really thought of being in advertising. First, I assume that advertisers simply take orders from their clients and execute them. Second, I thought that it is very difficult to find advertising jobs. Third, it seems like a lot of work to be done everyday in a very fast paced environment. Jason came along, and that was when I see the meaning of an advertising job and how rewarding it can be if you were to see your advertisement ideas come into reality.

Jason changed my life. He has helped me to secured my dream job – not through referrals but his interview tips. I will never forget that particular makeup lesson where he inspired me to have more drive and dream high. His never-give-up attitude is most admirable.

Through his tips (both in person and online), I presented myself better in front of my potential employer. For the advertising job, I sell myself based on how my personality will fit into the position. At the end of the one hour plus interview, my interviewer thought that I was outstanding. I was offered the job on the spot with a decent pay. I realised that it is okay not to have experience in that field, it\’s really all about how you \”sell\” yourself! Even my experience of customer service can come into good use for my new job. You just have to believe that each working experience can value add and reason your point with logic.

Through Jason\’s life stories, I also learned on how important teamwork is. One person\’s ability is only that much. Only if you have your teammates help, you can achieve synergy and achieve greater success. Once again, thank you Jason. I wish to emphasis again that you are a rare lecturer that cares about students\’ future greatly. You have gone beyond the duties of a lecturer for your students. I certainly feel very honored to be one of your student. Given the chance, I will vote you to be Singapore\’s president. (Kidding, kidding~)