I hate my job but i stayed on

Joe said: “I hate my job!”

I asked why.

Joe gave 1001 reasons why he hated this job. I gave some suggestions casually that might help to curb the situation. Joe responded with 101 reasons why all the suggestions will not work. It has reached a HOPELESS state.

I imagine myself in that HOPELESS situation.. Goodness me. I can feel the sick and blues all over me.

So i said: ” Joe, i think you should QUIT.”

Joe said: “Eh.. actually huh, my job not that bad till i need to quit lah.”

Have you meet such person before? Or are you guilty of doing the same too?

I went through the same ordeal before. It was oxymoron but it happens. The feeling is like I hate it, but i don’t mind it. Maybe because i dare not step out of it. Or I just enjoy complaining. i want others to know how bad i am suffering. I might be just exaggerating. You’ll be surprised it is quite a natural thing to do for many, to  get pitiful. For very strange reasons like:

– To “WIN”. (During social gatherings, many use these occasions to complaint. And our competitive nature often lead us to want to win in every situation. When everyone complaints about how bad they are suffering from their job, you want to be the one who is suffering the most among all your friends and be the champion for this topic, if you know what i mean. But the problem is, many will not admit to it)

– To get attention.

Whatever it is, these are habits i would suggest for you to avoid. Remember, the rich and successful do not complaint. I know how contagious complaining can be, and how therapeutic it gets. But when the rich and successful guys meet, they prefer to talk about positive things. Your thinking directs you to how you will act, and leads to an outcome. Thus, positive thinking directs you to positive actions which tend to lead you to positive results or outcome.

The next time you are faced with a job at work or in life, you can talk about it, and find ways to resolve it rather than complaint about it but choose to live with it.

If you are having a genuine issue, ask yourself these questions. it might help:

Is it an issue that will stop you from achieving your goals?

If the answer is no, it is not suppose to be an issue at all. You should ignore it.

If yes, can you avoid it? If not, you must resolve it or you will never reach your goals. And you do not want this issue to stop you from achieving what you want right.

i once had a problem with my immediate superior. IT was being a completely unreasonable jerk. IT will go the extra mile just to piss me off. Call me at 1am, and ask me to send stupid emails out to clients. SMS me in the middle of the night to inform me to get into office by 7am to help clear its desk. When i told my friend about it, she advised me to walk out of this and quit, but i stayed on. It was only till the day i woke up my senses again, and stood up to this animal and got back my life again. The problem was that i had let that animal pushes me around. I allow IT to be a problem that is bigger than me. But rather than finding ways to counter the problem, i sink deeper into it. And my only comfort i got get is from the complaint therapy, which is not helping me to get anywhere.

You have a choice. Don’t blame on the job for giving you a MISERABLE life. Be accountable for your own life.