Where do I begin to increase my wealth?

Very often, I hear frustrated individuals telling me how depressed they are about their current financial status. And the worst thing is that they do not know what to do.

Here’s the good news. The solution is often a pretty straight forward one:

(1) Set a target that will free you of your lousy financial standing

(2) Plan a journey that will take you there

(3) Start walking your plan

For instant, my total expenses add up to $3k a month. I wish to save $6k a month. I would need to make $10k a mth to cover my expenses, maintain my lifestyle, and save that kind of money on a monthly basis.

I would then have to do some homework to find out which occupations, roles, jobs, business that will get me to make $10k a mth. Eg: Be a doctor, a lawyer, a remisier, a business director, sales director, a property agent, professional online marketer, trader, investor, etc)

Once I have decided which journey I wish to embark on, I would have to start walking that journey by ie: polishing my skill sets / knowledge – read up, take a course, engage a mentor on eg: trading strategies and skills, online marketing knowledge, presentation skills, closing deals, etc, depending on which route you wish to take)  that will equip you to perform well as you take on your desired journey.

Here’s the bad news. When I advice those frustrated individuals that set target and be ie: the director of a company to make that kind of money. They would say:



“Me being the director of sales for MNCs!!! Are you kidding me?”


If you have such thoughts, you are suffering from an illness. And it is quite a serious one. Some call it ‘SELF SABOTAGE’. Others call it ‘LIMITING BELIEFS’.

 To treat it, you must first admit you are suffering from it. Tell yourself this is a limiting belief that is limiting you from achieving your goals. Believe that you are sabotaging yourself from getting where you want to go. If you cannot overcome this hurdle, you can never taste sweet success except in your wildest dream.

There’s a spiritual reference which says “If you can believe, everything is possible to him who believes. Mark 9:23”.

Thus, you must believe in yourself. Because you are what you believe. This sets winners and losers apart. Winners believe they will win. Losers believe they will lose. The outcome often turns out the way they believe it to be.

This is because when you believe, you take personal responsibility to the next level. You will think that if you fail to achieve your goals, it is not your friends around you who cause you to fail, but yourself to be blame. As such, you will do what it takes to make things happen. And because you believe it can happen, your energy level is beyond boundaries. Just imagine if someone who can read into your future tells you that you will become a famous singer in the world some day. You will take on your singing career with confidence, and no obstacles and no criticism is too much for you to handle because you believe no matter what happens now, you are still going to make it. When you operate with such mindset, you will definitely be a peak performer.

Now, do you believe a strong belief is like a magic power that propels you to greatness?

I’ll let you decide if you wish to be a winner or loser.