interview tips

i believe many have encountered similar challenges during interviews. They asked you questions that you do not know how to respond. And ended up walking out of the interview room like you’ve been wet by a bucket of cold water.

I often have the same problems too. The trick is this. Which is something i pick up from when i was in Poly. I remembered clearly in 1999, during a competition that i was participating. The participants are expected to face the judges for an intensive Q&A session. Participants are expected to respond to those questions on their feet. It is the make or break situation. My lecturer, Ms Eunice Ang (thk u so much for her guidance back in my poly days), she had help me anticipate all the possible questions that i might be asked. And how we should prepare the answers to those questions. U be surprised, i prepared like over 50 questions, with 50 answers to those possible questions. And not surprisingly, some of the questions came out, and we know exactly how to tackle those questions. Of coz, u will find some questions being asked that u failed to prepare, but with 50 possible answers in your head, i’m sure smoking something up wouldn’t be too difficult.

Not only you need to be prepared, but be VERY PREPARED and READY. Yes, it is a lot of work. And not many interviewees will go to such extend to prepare themselves. And that is my point. It is your chance to stand out and be different. When people zip, you zag. Preparing yourself if not easy. But success is even more difficult to achieve. Only those who are hungry enough will get there.