Jason Strongerhead Career Talk in Kuala Lumpur

Thanks to Glen Liu (my ex student from Curtin), he has arranged for me to give a talk in KL on career development on 20 April, 7pm.

We started our road trip to KL from S’pore at 7.30am and finally arrived at our destination at about 2pm. Hotel was great, but I didn’t get to tour the hotel as I was busy preparing my talk as soon as I got into my room.

I was wondering if the youth in KL would be able to appreciate the content that I have to share.

I shared about the secret behind creating success using a simple 3 step approach, namely:
Step 1: Know what you want
Step 2: Find out how to achieve what you want
Step 3: Take action until you achieve what you want

Without a doubt, I believe we nailed it. The crowd went crazy throughout the entire session. And I’m loving it. I’ve been invited to do another talk again, and I believe I’ll make time for it in the very near future.

Looking forward for our next trip to KL.

Meanwhile, I wish to share a short video on Strongerhead ways to achieve success.