Jason Strongerhead thanks to all the lovely 2013 birthday wishes

A very big thanks to everyone of you who have given me your wishes and blessings to the arrival of my 2013 birthday.

The last one year have been another roller coaster ride, which makes life interesting isn’t it. I lost my job, but i gain more lecturing opportunities with more schools. I won the 2012 excellence lecturer award (my 2nd award in a row). I did my first talk in front of 5000 crowd on unemployed is better than employ, and made alot of new friends as a result of the talk. I did my first career talk in KL and the next one would be happening again in the near future. i made some financial blunders but managed to gain them all back. And many more…

Without the adventures, i believe i would not have the vast experiences to share with my students and my audience at seminars on how to overcome adversity. Thus everything happened for a reason, just be sure to look at the more positive side of things. Which is going to be my mantra of 2013 driving force, “Stay Positive”.

But to be honest, it was really with the support of everyone of you that got me to be stronger and tougher and maintain my “CAN DO” beliefs. To show my appreciation to all of your love and care and support and all the great birthday wish and blessing you have given me, i would like to put them all on my website as a way to remember everyone of you. And as my way to keeping autograph of my “birthday greetings wall of fame” too.

Here’s to the most creative birthday card:

And a Big Toast filled with Strongerhead Cheers to all of you:

1. Christie Ho, my beloved wife
2. Alice Lim, MIS DSMM 3rd intake monitor
3. Lawrence Wee, MIS Outstanding Associate Lecturer
4. Tiara Brooke Chen, Curtin graduate, adventurous in nature, currently exploring California
5. Preeti Oberoi, MIS graduate
6. Jeanne Koh, Ex-Curtin Singapore student, who left us for Curtin in Perth for bigger brighter moon 
7. Glenda Lau, another Ex-Curtin Singapore who left us for Perth. Thanks for the awesome belated birthday greetings and I absolutely love it. Miss you all for class.
8. Josiah Kalangie, Curtin graduate who now in pursue for his Masters in United States
9. Pearlie Wong, Curtin graduate
10. Pinky Huong Nguyen, MIS GDM graduate, expert in PR for VN market
11. Ruby Cat, MIS GDM Graduate, very happening lady from VN
12. Jessica Tran, MIS GDM graduate, very progressive in nature who can improve things
13. Khin Sandy, MIS graduate with the most creative birthday card 
14. Ng Li Ying, rising star to watch from Curtin. Check out her blog http://annoliying.blogspot.com
15. Freiheit Stern (Sylvia), a very intelligent Curtin Student
16. Margarita Buttenmüller, MIS graduate from Russia Moscow
17. Skylene Shelley, MIS DSMM 3rd, hot lady who can crack sales like cracking nuts
18. Pearl Lim, MIS DSMM 3rd. Thanks for the very nice e-mango cake. I can still taste it.
19. Aylwin Emeritius Ong, MIS graduate and a great father and husband too
20. Charlina Cham, hot mama who now residing in Abu Dhabi
21. Dung Ngo, Curtin graduate from VN
22. Steven, Dongchul Shin, Curtin graduate from Korea
23. Nguyen My Hoa (Tiểu Thỏ), sweet Curtin student with a good sense of humour
24. Leong Kai Rui, an outstanding and driven guy who is worthy for greatness
25. Glen Liu (descendent of Liu Bei’s family), a very smart and strategic Curtin graduate, who now turned great friend of mine, and the only student who slept on the same bed with me in KL. That was a fun work road trip to KL pal. Look forward for our next.
26. Calvin Tan, my ex boss from BBDO and Proximity, and now great friend for more than a decade
27. Mike Li Yichuan, friends of AKLTG. Check out his market analysis http://mikeycli.wordpress.com
28. Kerlyn Lee, our pretty lady in one of the most respected and challenged occupation as nurse. Give it up for Kerlyn 
29. Suzanne Wang, a very cute and sweet girl who stays 16th forever, who generously gave me twice the happiness with her two birthday posts on my FB wall.
30. Froggy JaNe
31. Oun Huey Ping, MIS graduate with a lot of goodies in her goody bag to recommend
32. Esta Rene, Professional Development Marketing (PDM) student with NUS/MIS. She is super hot, super smart, and super articulated. Hot asset in short.
33. Eunice Nicole Lim, the passionate girl full of drive for her work, from Curtin and now with Golden Village (GV)
34. Steve Oky, Curtin student and a very successful guy who owns a club in Jakarta
35. Ivan Chong, a member of AKLTG
36. Lee Caicai, MIS graduate and a lovely lady too
37. Ridho Anugerah Bhakti, Curtin student
38. Timme Ang, my ex-colleague and great friend from the Advertising Industry.
39. Tan Wei Quan Chris, my ex student from MIS, who now turns great friend and partner for some of my marketing projects. He is a great digital marketer and property agent too. Check out his services at http://tagdigital.sg/
40. Chatharin Yap, Curtin Student from Indonesia, who shared great insights into Indonesia youth market
41. Jason Wee, my old friend who taught me a lot about Digital Advertising.
42. Janet Chow, very very old time friend who know resides in New York, but she is always missed by many Singapore for her great personality. Look forward to our Milo Peng
43. Louis Tran, current Curtin Student from VN, who will be leaving Singapore for higher learning soon.
44. Shewon Ng, Curtin graduate and a very gentle girl who posses design skills and marketing knowledge. Rare breed with right and left brain skills in one.
45. Eric Ang, MIS graduate
46. Spencer Beh, MIS graduate
47. Shaun Teo, Curtin graduate, the guy who wears sun glasses and did a Gangnam style in our Ad211 class photo. Check it out http://strongerhead.com/jason-tan-strongerhead-curtin-ad211-nov-2012-class/
48. Rachel Ho, my ex-MIS colleague who rocks
49. Justina Ang, MIS graduate with big eyes, and sweet features that can melt hearts. But taken already.
50. Yeow Yijun, Curtin graduate, who make a good agency person
51. Neo Wah Hing, student of AKLTG
52. Simon Leow, my long time Ngee Ann Poly loyal classmate, and now a great honest property agent.
53. Li Ying, Curtin graduate from Indonesia
54. Sharon Moniaga, Curtin graduate from Indonesia (nick: bowling ball), wise, witty, friendly, funny, great friend to have, great asset to any corporations with her talents
55. Ebenhaezer Velberg, MIS student, very funny and down to earth guy
56. Rocky Monroe, knew him at Mind Valley, who is always 14, inspiring entrepreneur from Italy.
57. Jessica Soh, right after she gave me a great birthday wish, it’s my turn to give her my wishes as her birthday is 26 Apr, which is today. Once again, happiest and merriest birthday Jessica
58. Yu Zhemin, MIS student
59. Claudine Law, my ex-colleague from Saatchi & Saatchi, whose heart is made of pure gold.
60. Ivan Kong, Curtin graduate from Indonesia. He looks very fierce but he is a very funny guy. Miss his presence in class
61. Mary Alexius Cordovilla, a force to be reckon with at Standard Chartered Bank
62. Phyllis Tan, Curtin graduate
63. Curtin Singapore Student Community
64. Ajay Kumar, my ex-colleague from Paprika who never fail to crack me up with his silly jokes
65. Michael Tan, my property agent, also the Division Director from HSR
66. Keng Hian Seah, our walking role model for perseverance and continuous learning
67. Christopher Yang, from AKLTG and prudential agent who knows how to give you great insurance advice to protect and grow your wealth
68. Betty Zeng, Curtin student
69. Ethan Chua, member of AKLTG, who is both young and smart. Check out his market analysis at http://trendingthemarkets.blogspot.sg
70. Leon Koh, my buddy who taught me so much about trading, numerology and i-ching over Qin Dao. He is my fortune cookie that I’ll value for life.
71. Nicole Genevieve, MIS graduate, and she rocks. Check out her stylo photos and u will know what I am talking about
72. Isbella Chan, the first group of Curtin graduate who took the initiative to get me a birthday cake. Very sweet of her and her gang, Goh Nai Ying and Joanne Ashley
73. Yuan Yuan, Curtin student from Malaysia
74. Annie Boo, my ex-colleague from Saatchi & Saatchi, also a lawyer who turns into one of the greatest account person any agencies and clients can ever have.
75. Lilian Ang, MIS graduate
76. Sylviayu Foo, MIS graduate
77. Priya Awatramani, MIS graduate
78. Sanja Fischer, MIS student, but I didn’t get a chance to have as my official student. She is definitely a wise and smart asset to have for any organisations
79. Chua Jie-e, Curtin Student from JB (Malaysia). She is definitely sweet and gentle and hardworking and driven and many more. Glad to have her as my student
80. Gladys Zhang, Curtin graduate, definitely a force to be reckon with. Watch her rise like a star in the marketing industry
81. Mathilda, MIS graduate, definitely a hot talent for many marketing companies
82. Terence Lee, MIS student DSMM 4th
83. Wai Yan Aung, MIS graduate
84. Juan Lin, Curtin graduate, very creative and can be a great photographer for weddings and portfolio shoot.
85. Dawn Heidi, MIS graduate and a hot property literally, who is blessed by heaven, nick name, heaven’s son. Must have a drink with you some day coz I heard you can drink like fish.
86. Roy Goh, my ex-colleague from Publicis, and now an inspiration to his students at ITE.
87. YanNee Chan Sharon, my student from Direct & Digital Marketing in 2013, who has a “son” that is older than her. Envy right.
88. Lim KianJia, my current MIS student from DSMM 7&8 intake
89. Dinesh Kumar, MIS PDM graduate, one of my fav and most fun class ever
90. Talented Mr Estar, one of my most proud Curtin graduate who writes well and thinks strategically too
91. Door Tey, my ex-colleague from Fallon. Gosh I miss her rabbits and her dearly too. Great to work with
92. Hazey, ex-colleague from Publicis who knows how to party hard
93. Theresia Kristoforus, Curtin graduate and now in pursue for more creative education. All the best to your creative career 
94. Judy Cheong, Curtin graduate. Her pen is mightier than the sword
95. Carmen Lam, Curtin graduate, probably the most mesmerising lady you will ever meet
96. Cheryl Lim, Curtin graduate, a marketing talent full of entrepreneurial spirit.
97. Stephanie Howe, Curtin graduate, very smart girl full of drive. Another talented asset to have for any organisations
98. Sara Yeoh, Curtin graduate from a great class whom I had a lot of fun time with
99. Isman Tanuri, my ex-student who now turns MIS lecturer. Social media guru too
100. Joanne Ng, a long time e-pen pal who let me to believe there’s such thing called online friend for the long haul
101. Ryn De Shan, MIS graduate
102. Celeste Tay, MIS graduate and now a hot and happy mama
103. Elvi Xu, Curtin graduate from Indonesia
104. Meilssa Bek, ah chan fun gang member
105. Wirawan Suryanto, very creative, hard working Indonesian lad from Curtin Singapore
106. Sandra Williargo, Curtin student from Indonesia
107. Cynthia Pavee, my ex-colleague from Saatchi & Saatchi
108. Chrix Yong, my ex-colleague from Publicis, great suit to have, and now offering his expertise in China
109. John Liew, a young and aspiring lad from KL whom I met during the career talk
110. Koh YiTing, MIS graduate DSMM 2nd intake, the most happening DSMM class ever
111. Berry Cheeries, MIS graduate, student with the sweetest smile
112. Angela Yap, ex-colleague from Publicis and a great traffic person to work with
113. Bruce Watt, excellent creative to have, unfortunately I had missed the chance to work with him on any projects when we were under the same roof.
114. Genevieve Tan, MIS DSMM 2nd intake graduate, the most happening class ever and she is a great friend too
115. Nguyen Huong Ngoc Quyen, MIS graduate, a good kind soul and now happily married in VN
116. Retainna Lin YiYi, PDM NUS/MIS graduate from Taiwan, very cute sweet girl with a great sense of responsibility.
117. Monica Ruiz, MIS graduate who can speak fluent English from Spain.
118. Ivy Koh Lim, Curtin student, a outdoor media expert too
119. Wayne Tay, Curtin graduate, and head hunter. Check out his blog http://waynesocial.wordpress.com/
120. Michael Lung, my ex-colleague in Publicis, now digital expert with XM Asia
121. Nesilla Chan, Curtin graduate
122. Pearlyn Oh, MIS DSMM 4th student, who is constantly operating at peak performance level in all her studies
123. Chhavi Porwal, PDM NUS/MIS graduate
124. Kris Lu Mai, MIS graduate, who just turns single, and ready to date. Guys, she is definitely a keeper
125. Iggy Loh Yi Gang, Curtin student, and definitely an intelligent marketer and responsible guy who makes an asset to many agencies and clients out there
126. Melissa Mohan, MIS graduate now in KL. She is a great marketer for the tourism industry
127. Donald Trinh, Curtin student from VN, specialise in Finance
128. Evern Khoo, Curtin graduate and now also the go to person who can give you very good advice on healthy living
129. Foo Yong Qi, Curtin graduate, and her birthday is one day after mine. Happiest birthday Yong Qi
130. Apple Chang Siew Ping, MIS graduate
131. Dexter Ang, Curtin graduate, driven and passionate about marketing
132. Chuah Wen Yan, student of AKLTG and a good trader to learn from
133. Renee Yip, Curtin graduate, very hard worker and motivated
134. Erik Tan (Passionate Skater)
135. Coco Lim (Baby Elephant)
136. Yvonne Liew, MIS graduate who get things done well
137. Jana Khan, MIS graduate from DSMM 64th intake
138. Gayatri Singh, MIS graduate and also a Yoga trainer. You can look for her if you wish to learn proper yoga
139. Sunny LY, MIS graduate
140. Sal Lim, MIS DSMM 64th intake, my fav DSM intake with Angela and ah Chan
141. Anuja Weeranarayan, ex-colleague from Saatchi & Saatchi, who shares the same birthday as me
142. Ang Ball Ball, the hot mama from MIS DSMM 3rd, who cannot lose (in good ways)
143. Elizabeth Ann Eunice, MIS graduate
144. Edna Luah, PDM NUS/MIS graduate, my most happening and memorable PDM class ever
145. Wendy Lee, my favourite colleague to work with at Mindshare
146. Izen Toh, MIS DSMM 2nd intake graduate, my fav class of DSM by far
147. Tran Tran, MIS Digital & Direct Marketing student from VN
148. Muhammad Irham Rahim, current Curtin Student 2013 who will have to endure at least 2 more semesters with me around for classes 
149. Dinesh Ar, MIS graduate and IT guru
150. Calvin Yeo, MIS and Curtin graduate who now happily married to his girl
151. Julia Lim, my old friend who can give me good travelling advice
152. Jay Chun, member of AKLTG, good young trader too. Check out his market analysis at http://jaytun.com
153. Lisa Maria, sizzling hot ex-colleague from Saatchi & Saatchi.
154. Serene Chong, Curtin graduate and good mentor on marketing if you get to work with her
155. Grish Krishnani, Curtin student, a real smart guy who dislike economics
156. Song Ye Yoon, Curtin student from Korea, very funny, very cool to hang out with and very sporting
157. Trevor GO, MIS graduate and a very driven guy
158. Winnie Yeo, my best Digital & Direct Student full of potential to do great things
159. Benjamin Soh, very smart Direct & Digital Marketing student who is already an expert in DDM for his company
160. Juwita Salim, Curtin student, who gave me the longest birthday wish but also a really fantastic greetings I have had this year. She is also a gorgeous lady, and you will be able to check her out on all Curtin school posters and banners.
161. Lela Mohamed, MIS colleague, very supportive and friendly and helpful person to work with. It’s a blessing to have her as my colleague.
162. Rachel Alexis Murugiah, Curtin graduate, but definitely an asset to any organisation with her leadership skills, acute knowledge on marketing, and drive that is full of zest
163. Julia Peh, Curtin graduate, had jumped from SQ to be a marketer. Got to applause her courage to make that switch.
164. Cai Yahui, Curtin graduate, and one of the most quick witted person with no nonsense type yet have good sense of humour
165. Chloe Tan, one of the top students from my Digital & Direct Marketing class who can also wow you with her pole dance. Oh ya. Good make up artiest too. Check her out at http://makeupbychloe.wordpress.com/
166. Valerie Ong, my long time friend when I was a skater (now still skater, just in my heart and dreams). She is a dedicated supporter of this sport who has the ability to make your skating dreams alive.
167. Riane Ang, my xiao mei (Crazy). Jokes aside, she is a very gentle and caring friend to me. And I appreciate that a lot.
168. Goh Kang Wei, my friend from Adam Khoo Wealth Academy program, where I learn how to become smarter with money
169. Yokebeth, Curtin student, one of my attentive support during my enrichment classes
170. Azlan Shah, a guy who can “gangster” his way to rush out projects within 4 hours and still pass. Can’t say this is not a talent.

Cheers to more Strongerhead ways to get ahead together in 2013