Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Ad211 March 2012 class

Like the previous post, this should have been uploaded back in end May 2012. I remember this group of students for Ad211:
Sho; Cindy; Louis; Laurencia; Siliva Angela Siantar; Griselda Phyu Phyu Kyi

Some of them have already graduated (like Sho, and Siliva Angela). I’ve met some of them again in the recent semester for other Advertising class (like Cindy; Griselda, Louis, and Phyu). I bet all of them would probably agree that the class energy level does influence the level of engagement. Those who had joined my class for the recent July semester, would probably had felt the difference.

In any case, the most important of all, they had cleared the modules and move one step closer to their career goals. And I wish those who had graduated all the best. And those who had not, be sure to make every semester count. Bagged something useful for your career and be sure to stay positively challenged.