Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Ad211 Nov 2012 class

It’s been such a long time since I have updated Classes with Strongerhead section. There were actually a lot of classes going on. Just that I haven’t had a chance to spend some real quality time to update my class activities.

In Nov 2012 – Feb 2013, I had a small group of 6 for this class, Ad211 (Advertising Principles) at Curtin. I prefer a class of bigger size, but this does not deter me from giving my 100%. A class size like this one gave me the chance to know everyone of my students by name (although I am very bad with names).

The vibes of the class might not be as great compared to bigger class size. But we do have out fair share of fun as we learn. Here are a few photos taken during our last day of the module, where Shaun Teo decided to do a Gungnam Style, and the rest of the ladies suggested bashing him up for fun sake. I thought it was too great a photo not to be shared.

For those who have graduated, all the best and stay in touch. For some of you like Hoa, Antonio and Yessy, look forward to witness your progress of becoming a better marketer at Curtin University Singapore.

Students of Curtin Ad211 Nov 2012 – Feb 2013: Antonio, Liliana, Marlina, Hoa, Shaun and Yessy.