Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Ad310 Advertising Strategy Nov 2012 class

This is the last module where we will have exam for Advertising Strategy. In any case, I am glad to know majority of you cleared this module. And thank you so much for the feedbacks. Your comments have benefited the March 2013 students whom I am having Ad310 with presently. I’ve revamped my notes to make it more interactive, and a lot of class exercises have been added for more engagement opportunities during classes.

Although it has only been a few short months, but you all have managed to brand yourself and establishing a positioning in my head. Looking forward to meet many of you again for Ad391 (Advertising Campaign) class to reinforce my memory of you all.

Noel Heng (IT Sales guru)
Louis (A mater degree graduate in the making)
JingYing (good at fishing insights)
Wirawan (precision personality)
Phyu Phyu (business woman in the making)
Iggy (Great agency person in the making)
Cindy (another business woman in the making)
Jeanne & Glenda (the pair who left Singapore for Perth to complete their degree, and a chance to be involved in a ballet dancing performance at the Opera House)
Alice (Pretty and strategic Indonesian who can make it through all her modules)
Rebecca (Taking her Master in US soon)
Jie-E (Hungry enough to travel the extra mile from M’sia to Singapore for her degree)
Chatharin (usually the first few students who arrive in class)
Bella (actively involved with extra curricular activities for Curtin)
Juwita (Curtin’s ambassador)
Ye Yoon (Korean Star of Curtin)
Grace (Planner who can actually think)
Yann Yuan (bikini babe)
Vanessa Tan (party girl)
Stacey Cheok (very good at using metaphor and icons to write and organise her notes)
Jogina (tall model)
Yuan-I (good with creative brief)
Darryl (good with maths)
Anand (always on business calls like Donald Trump)