Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Ad310 Mar 2012 class photo

This was the 2nd time I am conducting this module at Curtin. The first time was just a stand in. The second time, i had more ownership over this module. And I made quite a few changes to the lecture just to inject more ‘Strongerhead’ style into the lessons. But from the 12 sessions, I know there’s a lot more room for improvement. I hope I can refine it from semester to semester till it attained ‘madness’ state (which mean crazy, fun and insightful according to one of my students, Stacey Cheok).

However, the outcome was not that bad after all. We had our fair share of laughter as we learn from one another. The result from the class was fantastic. I hope we can keep this momentum going for semesters to come.

Thanks for being sporty, not being tooooo late for class, lesser attention on your mobile when in class, and the patience and nice feedback that you had provided me with to better Ad310. I definitely felt sad as some of you had left to Perth to complete your degree. But I am definitely looking forward to meet some of you guys again for other Advertising modules in end 2012 and beginning 2013. Let’s have another class photo taken in FUN style.

Hip Hip Hooray to Curtin Ad310 Mar 2012 folks:
Isabella; Sum Yee; Ying Xuan; Charmaine; Beatrice; Ashley; Crystal; Nai-Ying; Joanne Guo; Cheryl Huang; Cris Huang; Theresia; Josiah; Sharon Leong; Amanda Lim; Glen Liu; Priscilla Low; Sharon Moniaga; Rachel; Nahirah; Ng Wen Xuan; Gellien; Shawn Ong; Steven Oky; Michelle Tay; Lucas Tok; Yee Wen; Vanessa Yap; Jo; Yong En; Tiara Chen; Ariel Chia (Hot Stuff); Wei Lun; Sui Hua; Audrey Lee; Jia Er; Yi Zheng Joey; Jonathan Koh; Vineeta.